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The art looks nice, but when I checked your other games I saw that you just made another copy of them, which doesn't seem right for a game jam.  As for the theme of only once if you wanted to make so that you can "only once" go on a first date, you could at least put a reference in the game if it detected that a player with the same ip has already played the game once or use cookies.

Heyho, whiteRocket!
I think it should do the ip/cookie thing internally (so you can play only once), but you're right that we should've communicated it better ingame 👍
And yeah, the base gameplay is the same - we've released our final PinkOball Tentacle Tower version just before the jam and all we could think of were balls :D But most gameplay elements (bumpers, dialogue etc.) were new.
Stay funky,


I have to agree with this guy. It definitely goes against the spirit of the jam to reskin a previous game you released, even if you did add some new art and mechanics.