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can you please press Escape/P and press the Button for the control type you want to use. 

If that is not working please try the downloaded version, which is by far better because of performance.


Yeah, the browser version takes my mouse input but not my keyboard.

I downloaded it though and its a ton of fun! Simple but lots of polish. The sounds are good, the camera shake is noticeable but pretty unintrusive. Theres a lot of game juice.

Design wise, I think the player moves too fast. It seems fitting for a temporary upgrade that might spawn but on it's own the player is almost invincible if they play smart. Also, the physics feel just a tad bit slippery. That's pretty nitpicky though, otherwise this game is absolutely fantastic.

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ok, that is really weird, but I gave the new input system of unity a try, which solved my problem with reading the gamepad correctly, but now mouse and keyboard is having problems...

Yeah, I had little to no game juice for my last game jam games and I wanted to put more in this game because it is the perfect type for that :D

I was tweaking the controls a lot. One tester told me it's to direct, then too sloppy/slippery. And balancing the damage, player speed and enemy speed, health and everything was very tricky. We might went a little to easy, but this way more people should enjoy the game. Old casual/pro gamer problem.