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Very ingenious idea with a good execution !

I really liked the fact you don't only need to solve the problems in your head but after that concretely realise this operation by pushing the elements on into the others.  The goal of the game fit the theme very well and it is nice gradually simplify the puzzle until there are only ones.

My main complain would be that it takes me a lot of a time before to really understand how it works. Some of the symbol are hard to understand at first(I still dont understand why there are red lines  and dot behind each number), the count of action that can go in negative disturbing at first as well that some operators need to be destroyed and other have an action counter of one to win. But once you understood, it is fun to solve the puzzle.

Good job !

i see, thank you for the feedback! the red line and dot are meaningless, originally it was going to be a red box outlined around the number, but i feared it would have counted as a zero (a square zero at that), so i turned it into a one instead. looking back, this can be a bit confusing.. next time i update this game i'll just get rid of it all together