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youre right, i bought it and it works! i was taking a bit of a risk when buying it, but like, im just really happy to finally be playing this game

is there a way to check if this game would be compatible with my windows vista? just asking before i buy it

a fantasy console is basically a program that simulates a fictional console..

a list of fantasy consoles can be found here:

if you want some more clarification, you could also join the discord, which is linked in the jams overview section


yea, pico8 is a really fun fantasy console. thank you

whoops, my error.. i didnt know what i was thinking when i wrote down wasd for the controls lol

did you not consider walking towards the blinking light at the top right?

i see, thank you for the feedback! the red line and dot are meaningless, originally it was going to be a red box outlined around the number, but i feared it would have counted as a zero (a square zero at that), so i turned it into a one instead. looking back, this can be a bit confusing.. next time i update this game i'll just get rid of it all together

did you read the description? maybe i could have done a better job making the game more clearer

i see. i did consider whether not automatically spawning a yellow one in situations like this would be too punishing to the player. ultimately i decided against that, for i thought that the game would be more fast paced and intense. i will look into this problem, though, and see how to implement it without changing how the game works that much

is there a 32 bit download?

what happened to the ost link? i was able to open it before but now it says theres no tracks there, did it get deleted or something?

a lovely game

how do you actually start the game?

the overview says you have to show the circle of life in your game and i dont quite get that. if by circle, you mean cycle, then i think that makes more sense

the invite is expired

just wondering

could you explain the "History Repeats" theme, please? I'm interested in that one, but I think I need a clear understanding.