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Okay, so today I managed to do:

- a few variations on alien body parts (2 new heads, a new leg) so that not all aliens look the same

- aliens now attack the player

- the player can now die (with animation) - but the game is stuck on death (no restart yet)

- aliens have levels (for now they determine damage, hp and visuals)

- the game map can be changed (but there is no trigger for it yet)

- the html:dist works!

And this means, you can check out what I have here:

If you try it, keep in mind: This is not a well designed level, it's just five aliens from lvl 1 to lvl 5 .. so you will die (because you are only lvl 1), if you die, only reloading the browser page (f5) will restart the game.

You control everything with the mouse.

Any feedback is of course welcome!

Great graphics and concept!

Do you plan to give the aliens a health bar? I think that would boost the strategic aspect because you can actually plan what you are going to do next if you know exactly how many hits it will take to take down that alien.

Maybe there could also be aliens with different speeds, so they move a different amount of steps for every turn!

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Thanks for the input!

Both has actually just been implemented today :)

Depending on level the enemies now not only have different hp & looks, but also varying amounts of action points.

If you target an enemy, you can now see the health percentage. I am not sure if I will show actual values later.

On my list for today are also: an indicator how much of your action points a move / shot will cost and health & weapon pickups.