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I tried to play this game, but I did not get past this (I waited for 60 mins)

Well, something is clearly very broken. Have you tried a different browser? If that doesn't work, I'm planning to make a build for Windows once jam is over

I tried both Firefox and Chrome. But since I am Linux user maybe I will be only one with this problem.


You know what, since you've waited for an hour and tried different browsers, I think I can at least try to make a Linux build for you.

And if that doesn't work, my game will be on GitHub, so you can build it yourself for any platform you want. It's on GitHub already, but not the latest version

I've added a linux build! Please tell me if it works, because  i have no way of testing it


yes it works well :-) thank you. Nice game concept. This could be really good  you remake it into full game.

Had the same problem as above,
using chrome,

I just downloaded it and played the game, workd perfectly
and for such a good looking game, I have the few seconds it took to download