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Unfortunately no. I get the Download button for the DRM Free version and the Download button for the Steam key. When I press the second one, it just takes me to the Steam home page for the game.

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Ignore the download button for the Steam key. There should be the request key button.

Let me know if you still have problem with it, so we will able to solve it dirrectly by sending you keys to e-mail.

Deleted 1 year ago

Could you please send the email to ? So I will able to send you keys.

I also already created the ticket to support to figure out if there the problem on our side to prevent the keys claiming issue in future.

- Vladimir.


I've just recieved the answer from support team. They've fixes keys claiming process. Check it now. And let me know if it will not work.

- Vladimir.


Now it worked. Thank you.