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I asked you about all of the games that you have made and you mentioned only Renryuu: Ascension, is it your first game? But you said that you started making games since you were a child, you haven't been developing Renryuu: Ascension for that long, have you? Moreover, I don't see a child making a hentai RPG for an adult public. :-3 

Say, you said you wasn't taking Renryuu: Ascension seriously at first, what made you take it seriously eventually?

Of course I have the VX Ace RTP installed on my PC, I told you that I have played many RPG Maker games, didn't I? ;-) From RPG Maker 2003 to RPG Maker MV. Speaking of which, which version of RPG Maker has been your favourite so far? :-)

Hmm... Do you think CGs are necessary? Wouldn't be enough to textually describe exciting scenes and let the player's imagination picture them? I wonder, wouldn't the effect be even more powerful if the player pictures the scenes themselves in their imagination instead of just looking at pictures? What do you think?

By the way, why did you choose to receive payments in $? You live in Germany, right? So your currency is €. I thought about it and I wanted to say, if you chose to make people pay in $ because you think it is more convenient for everyone since it is the most used money, then you're mistaken. Because $ is actually the currency of one country in the world, the USA, while € is the currency of an entire continent, Europe, implying that it is the currency of many more people than $. Continent which happens to be yours furthermore. We have to pay an additional fee to our banks for currency conversion if we pay in a currency which is not ours, implying that making people pay in $ makes many more people have to pay an additional fee than making people pay in €.

I don't feel obliged to support you, I want to support you because I appreciate your work and want to witness its achievement as soon as possible. :-)

Oh so you write the scenes according to the CGs drawn by the artists? I thought it was the other way around.

Talk to me about some games that you are fond of. :-)

You must really like making games if you always come back to it fast, you are the kind of creators that I appreciate, driven by love, passionate. :-)

I fooled around with the programm as a child, but never made a proper game of any sorts. I didn't start Renryuu that long ago obviously, Renryuu came way later. :D 
Renryuu wasn't a hentai game at first. The first idea everything got build up upon was to make the worldmap on which you can govern a country. I had no story or party members planned at the start. ^^
I worked on the game for a long time before I got to the point of thinking "hey, let's upload the game somewhere so that people can play it and give me feedback". The feedback and seeing that people enjoy it got my motivation rolling and with the increasing support slowly got me more and more serious about it.

I think MV was the best PRG Maker so far for me.

I think there are enough "text-only" games if you'd like that. A game like Renryuu works a lot with visuals and effects, not showing anything during the sex scenes would feel like a let down to me.

$ was the default currency set in itch I guess as I didn't change it. ^^ Since I pay my artists in $ anyway, it might not be a problem to keep it that way instead of changing it back and forth.

The CGs are based on my thoughts and descriptions for the scene, but it's easier to make the text with the CG so that all details I describe during the event fit to the image. 

If we're talking about eroges, the japanese company Eushully has a very special place in my heart. They have great hentai games that combine a CG style that I like a lot together with proper gameplay. Since most japanese eroges are just visual novels the varying gameplay systems of Eushully games are something rather rare. And because I can't enjoy pure visual novels in japanese due to my lack of speaking the language, I prefer eroges with gameplay to take a break from the "work" of translating the dialogs. :D

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Then Renryuu: Ascension is indeed your first game if you never made a proper game before. When did you start it? :-)

This is one of the most interesting features in the game, I enjoy being a king and making everything to make my people happy. :-) Well, I make everything to make people from other countries happy too. :-3 By the way, will we get a chance to convince the king Lancaster to abolish slavery in his country eventually?

What made you want to turn the game into a hentai RPG eventually? And what inspired you the idea of the characters and the story? :-)

I asked to another developer to move his games from RPG Maker VX Ace to MV because I am used to play MV games and I feel restrained in VX Ace as it lacks many features from MV. He answered that he absolutely despises MV because he can't do frame by frame animations in it because it can't load the pictures fast enough for the animations to be smooth. Did you encounter the same problem?

Hey, I didn't mean to make a text adventure game like Zork, I meant to make a RPG like Renryuu: Ascension but without CGs because Renryuu: Ascension is more than texts and CGs, there are sprites and tiles and musics and sound effects and events and many stories and gameplay to make a living world, I believe this is enough to make a game interesting, to say that without CGs Renryuu would be a texts only game appears very far from the truth to me, many cult-following RPGs don't contain any CG, think about the Super Nintendo's RPGs, they didn't contain any CG and look at how famous and beloved they still are 2 decades after their release. ;-) Well... It's true that they are not hentai and I don't know any hentai RPG without CG so maybe CGs are necessary for hentai after all. You're right, pictures are most important in hentai works.

How do you receive the money of your sales? I mean, when someone pays for your game, do you get the money directly in your bank or is it stored in a Itch wallet and you have to claim it in order to use it outside of Itch? Does your german bank convert your income from $ into € in order for you to be able to use it in your country? Does your bank take a fee for currency conversion from you as well before giving your money?

So you give a vague description of the scenes to your artists then they draw something from it and you add details to the scenes from their CGs?

Nah, I didn't mean specifically eroge, I am curious about your favourite games, not only eroge. :-)

I took a look at Eushully, they don't provide any of their games to the occident.

Wait, because you play raw japanese games?!? Not even unofficially translated?!? Are you not aware that eroge have become popular in occident and many of them are now made in occident or translated, officially or unofficialy?!? I mean, there is now a so wide variety of eroge available in english, you don't need to go through the trouble of translating raw japanese anymore, that must be tiresome and fun bummer if you don't speak the language!!! ~_~'

I can't say anymore when exactly I started the game, but it was before 2014.

No idea. We'll see about it when I continue the events in Dorgania. ^^

I don't remember exctaly how we came to it, but someone from the first page I posted the game at gave me a lot of feedback and later sprites for sex scenes. So before I used CGs the scenes were done with some sprites. But they were not free to use in "commercial" games and I'm lacking a sprite artist, so don't bother asking about more of that. XD

Might depend on what kind of game he made. I don't think I have any problems with animations, apart from the very first one always lagging as the game loads all animations in that moment for whatever reason. But to me the animation editor is worse in MV than in VX Ace. It's just not a big deal to me as I don't use a lot of custom made animations.

You can decide yourself how itch pays you. Either all earnings get directly send to a bank account or the money is gathered by itch and you can have them send it to you at any point.

I always give my artists as much information as I can, usually involving a reference image for the pose of the scene that I search for on the internet beforehand and as much of my character as I can to show what she looks like.

Currently I don't focus on any particular games. I have a wild mix of games I play that constantly change recently.

Kamidori Alchemy Meister (神採りアルケミーマイスター) has a complete fan translation made by Tenka Seiha. Not sure if any other Eushully games have been translated by now but that one is definitely (inofficially) available in english.

No need to get worked up so much, of course I know that there are eroges in english. XD I just tried to explain that the varying and nice gameplay in eushully games made them more interesting to play even in japanese, while visual novels would be too much work for me. 
Eushully is also the company that got me into eroges due to that reason. I didn't play them before a journey to japan where I bought a used copy of "Mine Fukaki Se ni Tayutau Uta". I couldn't understand much of the story but because the gameplay and CGs were very nice I bought some more games and got into the genre.

Where did you first publish Renryuu: Ascension?

How did you choose to be paid by Itch?

Ah so your artists don't play your game, now I understand how the artist who has drawn the last Mira's CGs and the beach ones could be so off-topic, they haven't grown familiar with the characters in game nor with the contributions from the other artists.

I didn't mean the games that you are playing currently, I meant from all the games that you have played in your life time, which are the ones that you have grown fond of? Not only eroge, all kinds. :-)

Ah, Kamidori Alchemy Meister is a workshop RPG, like the Atelier series from Gust, did you ever play any Atelier game? :-)

About english eroge whose gameplay is more rich than visual novels, actually I don't consider visual novels as games since they don't provide any gameplay, I consider them as interactive manga, anyway, about english eroge, what is your perspective on:

- Monster Girl Quest saga

- Koisuru Oukoku

- Eiyuu*Senki and Eiyuu*Senki GOLD

- Evenicle series

- The Eternity Sword series

- EraHunter

So you went to Japan? How was it? What do you remember of this journey?

- was the first page at which I posted the game. In December 2013.

- I used the play the first two years of WoW. Probably the longest I've played one single game.

- I played some Atelier games but don't ask me which. XD

- About the eroges you mentioned: No idea, no idea, good, interesting, great, no idea.

- I prefer to keep my private life out of the internet. So just so much, it was awesome in japan. :D

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Hey Naughty, it's nice to talk with you again. :-)

I take it that you didn't get into Atelier much if you don't even remember the names and didn't keep playing the series. :-3

I strongly recommend you to play Monster Girl Quest saga, you might feel grateful to me for this advice once you get into it. ;-)

Stingy, you barely say that it was awesome but you don't give any detail about what exactly was awesome, you don't share your amazement. :-p I'm not asking you to tell me about your private life, I merely am interested in your experience with Japan since I didn't get to go into Wonderland myself. ;-3