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Where did you first publish Renryuu: Ascension?

How did you choose to be paid by Itch?

Ah so your artists don't play your game, now I understand how the artist who has drawn the last Mira's CGs and the beach ones could be so off-topic, they haven't grown familiar with the characters in game nor with the contributions from the other artists.

I didn't mean the games that you are playing currently, I meant from all the games that you have played in your life time, which are the ones that you have grown fond of? Not only eroge, all kinds. :-)

Ah, Kamidori Alchemy Meister is a workshop RPG, like the Atelier series from Gust, did you ever play any Atelier game? :-)

About english eroge whose gameplay is more rich than visual novels, actually I don't consider visual novels as games since they don't provide any gameplay, I consider them as interactive manga, anyway, about english eroge, what is your perspective on:

- Monster Girl Quest saga

- Koisuru Oukoku

- Eiyuu*Senki and Eiyuu*Senki GOLD

- Evenicle series

- The Eternity Sword series

- EraHunter

So you went to Japan? How was it? What do you remember of this journey?

- was the first page at which I posted the game. In December 2013.

- I used the play the first two years of WoW. Probably the longest I've played one single game.

- I played some Atelier games but don't ask me which. XD

- About the eroges you mentioned: No idea, no idea, good, interesting, great, no idea.

- I prefer to keep my private life out of the internet. So just so much, it was awesome in japan. :D

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Hey Naughty, it's nice to talk with you again. :-)

I take it that you didn't get into Atelier much if you don't even remember the names and didn't keep playing the series. :-3

I strongly recommend you to play Monster Girl Quest saga, you might feel grateful to me for this advice once you get into it. ;-)

Stingy, you barely say that it was awesome but you don't give any detail about what exactly was awesome, you don't share your amazement. :-p I'm not asking you to tell me about your private life, I merely am interested in your experience with Japan since I didn't get to go into Wonderland myself. ;-3