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With permission, ta-da

I'll keep branching out with advice until it looks something like a proper walkthrough~ Thanks for the cool hecking game, Octii!


This is looking amazing so far!

If you wanted to perhaps clarify any information with me, or ask me any questions, Feel free to message me on Twitter; I will be more then happy to provide any information required to help you build up this Walkthrough!

Glad to see someone's working on a guide. Would love to help out, as I've been playing this thing like mad!

Thank you so much for this. I was wondering why the Hawk's lightning magic was only doing the chain effect sometimes. Also that the giga-drill consumable does damage in melee. And that I can sell the statues...

Great guide for a great game!  How do you take suggestions, I have a few things I figured with the Cleric and Tome of light.