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I Edited my original post, but also posting it here to make a link that doesn't expire!

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You can join our Discord Here bud!

Its your user file name on the PC!

(if the problem continues to persist, you my find answers by asking on our discord!)

Another person in our discord had the same problem; is your user document file name using a strange symbol such as $?

Unfortunately they is no way for you to resume your save files. If they was, I would let it be an option!

Also, you can not sell items!

SP bar is for Summons, not Alt Ammo. What is happening to you is cuz you dont have any alt ammo to fire with, so its defaulting back to regular ammo!

Did you make a new Save File?

if I recall, 7Zip is free!

I've had a few people have this issue; if its a major one, I will most likely try a different compression format!

Unfortunately Not, the best I could do was Peer to Peer!

  1. Did you talk to the Barmaid in regards to sleeping in the Inn?... Her instructions may help you out navigating to such a spot!
  2. And thank you!; I can't remember what inspired my decision to do that, but my goal for the way it work I wanted to feel very classical. I am quite proud with how connected I made the villages feel within a few simple steps!

And it was my pleasure to make it, I am looking forward to you playing it!

Did you try pressing - or + on your keyboard to grow/shrink your hud?... that may be the issues for that!

The Magic Emporium Proper does not open until you visit one of the villages. The City of Magic entrance serves as just an exit into the city it self!

If you have no Mana, the Orb does not Come Back!

Not only that, you can improve it by hitting Treasure Chests, Bottles, Beer Jugs, Pots, Tables; Anything that can receive damage is basically experience for his fist!

It is intended however, yes; You can grind away at his skills with out being in combat areas, if you have the patience!

This is looking amazing so far!

If you wanted to perhaps clarify any information with me, or ask me any questions, Feel free to message me on Twitter; I will be more then happy to provide any information required to help you build up this Walkthrough!

I would love to see the guide you been working on, sure!

In fact, if you ever do a full guide and what have you, I will be more then happy to show case it around for those who need assistance!

That is mainly a multiplayer feature; In Coop if you are defeated, you lose half your gold but can still resurrect party members by exiting the map. The Bank also makes it easier to send gold to other players so they can purchase items in multiplayer!

In Addition to this, the Hawkman has some benefits to when he uses the bank in both Singleplayer and Multiplayer!

I have recently lessend the difficulty within the starting area (which you can read in the Dev logs for changes I have made!)

However, the game itself is intended to be difficult. They are NPC's however that suggest that within the overworld (The area you are encountering said enemies!) that you are able to avoid conflict by simply running away. Some enemies will be tougher then your current prowess, so some times the best option is to flee!

I use Hamachi myself when I was play testing the multiplayer, but I assume the ports you need to open to play the multiplayer is those used usually by GZDoom?

That is intended; The Auto save feature should have it so that when you enter a new area, so that when you are defeated, it should spawn you back to the very start. The game will automatically load whatever the newest save file is, so keep that in mind!

Actually, you technically already have the soundtrack; You can extract the Midi Files from the game itself and listen to them!

However, I do plan to upload the whole OST some point soon to make it easier for other people to listen to it. I just wanna give it awhile first so people don't see any spoilers from listening to the soundtrack!

I appreciate the compliments very muchly!

In regards to the tutorial; Speaking to NPC's within the world of magic is actually supposed to serve as the tutorial for the game. The King, Princess and Loremaster give you a pretty good starting point where to look (including directing you to the library!), as well as the various NPC Villagers located within and outside the castle!

I just hope for those who are finding the start difficult know that they can talk to the NPC's!