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Looking forward to it - This'll need to go in my online list of "relaxers."

Love it.   Such greta atmosphere - almost like being in a painting.

Only thing I could ask for right now is an "endless" setting where this just runs constantly.

I hope to see them sometime.  My girlfriend was interested in them, so I showed her your creation (along with some interested friends).

Seeing the style as something to walk-in was an eye-opener.  I showed it to several people over the holidays.

I hope we'll see more from you.  I've also mentioned your bundle in my newsletter.

Lovely job.  As I wandered, I realized that I was experiencing Monet's gardens all these ages later, AND in a way seeing them as he would have.  Quite an experience!

I got your Bundle on Christmas 2018, and think this is my favorite so far.  Stunning visuals, lovely bits of story about the artist, examples of his other works.  Excellent piece of art.

A shame Derain got more muted.  I appreciate the Fauvist style all the more being INSIDE it.

Well done!  I love how organic it all feels, I'd love to see this

1) Used in a game.

2) Expanded slightly just for a walking experience, maybe with working fountains, etc.

Great job and a great aesthetic.