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You know . . . I never thought about it as this is the raw PDF.  I suppose I could make it part of the download?

I got this as part of a bundle - and quickly became enamored of it.  Really fun, precise game.  I left a review - is it possible to get a steam key so I can leave one there as well? 

Ironically this game kept popping up in my reccomendations and now I see why.  Fast to play, great look, classic gameplay - but with a lot of good strategy and tradeoff elements.

I write books on setting creation and worldbuilding.  Not sure if it'd fit your bundle, but just checking.

Please include my two Worldbuilding books:

I wonder if this would work well with the Wave Function Collapse engine, if you've seen that.

A nice little jam.  The walking sound is a bit loud, but its a creation I'd like to see more done with.  Could prove very relaxing!

An amusing creation!  A few things:

1) It's hard to navigate escalators.

2) It seems often escalators go to single rooms.

It's a lovely little game.  I'd like to see what else you do.

Very nice.  Only thing I noticed was my pace accelerated oddly - I think due to being on an incline.   Otherwise good, relaxed atmoshpere, nice colors, really had a sense of place!

Any save I loaded didn't load.  Sounds like I should restart the game.

Hmmm, with the latest patch it seems to crash when I load a save.

Great guide for a great game!  How do you take suggestions, I have a few things I figured with the Cleric and Tome of light.

Go into the tents using the "E" command. It's not the fire per se, but the camp.

You CAN cook meat in the fires.

Probably could do that.  You can calculate how many chunks you need to generate and loop the process.  Or cheat and create a map where one edge goes to the other, and loop that sucker ;)

Glad to help - hey maybe simply make it scroll, constantly generating a city so you're "flying" over an endless city.

They damn well should.  The game is impressive - I can't put it down!

I'm impressed.  Creepy game, clever puzzles, smart retro atmoshpere, it feels like an artifact from another timeline where this became a cult hit and kept being imported from game system to game system.

So far I like how each boss is a completey different puzzle - it really adds to the feel of the game.  I never know what's coming next.

Fun thing i found after having a busy day - I opened this game, wandered into a gallery and let it sit for a bit on my TV, just letting the music, images, and sayings hang there.  Very relaxing really.

I find this a disturbing but compelling environment.  Kudos.  I find myself compelled to play it, yet also I find it unsettling.  Excellent job.

Nicely atmospheric, a fun little walk, and i liked the little touches like the glowing animals.

A clever creation!  I'd love to see this as a download where you not only set the city, but a timer that respawns it every X seconds or minutes.  It'd be quite nice.

A fun little wander!  Nice job on it, good puns, very cute. 

100% with you there. 

This is great for a quick "Life fix"  thanks!

Very well doe indeed.  I'm looking forward to what else you come up with.

In fact, procedural generation is a hobby of mine ( - perhaps one day we should team up ;)

Also been replaying this again.  I'd like to make a suggestion - make a variant of "Take a tour" that loops - as soon as you get to the end, you turn around and do it again.  This game and others would just make lovely background.

Another lovely art experience from Gigola!  Very relaxed, meditative, and I enjoyed the more surreal, light aspects.  As opposed to working to duplicate the style of a given artist, this went with more of a "feel."  Definitely something to play and relax with!

Played the demo, absolutely fell in love with it.  Can't wait for the final version!

We don't have any pictures (yet), but I will keep it in mind as we do a gathering a month!   And I am following you already!

Showed this off at a party.  Everyone wished I had a VR headset.

We called it an "Adult ball pit."

Was running this at a party for frieds, and it impressed people!  We ran through several of your programs to wander through different art.

Looks fantastic, love rooms!  Was running it for some friends!

But it looks like sometimes the city just "ends" or that theres weird glitches you can fall off of.

Still everyone was impressed ;)

Also was sure to link to it from the "Resource Page" on my site under helpful tools.  Been running it now and then to chill while doing projects.

Awesome!  Now I know what to run next time I'm doing some writing or other projects.  I adore "background games" like this for that very purpose.

Looking forward to it - This'll need to go in my online list of "relaxers."

Love it.   Such greta atmosphere - almost like being in a painting.

Only thing I could ask for right now is an "endless" setting where this just runs constantly.

I hope to see them sometime.  My girlfriend was interested in them, so I showed her your creation (along with some interested friends).

Seeing the style as something to walk-in was an eye-opener.  I showed it to several people over the holidays.

I hope we'll see more from you.  I've also mentioned your bundle in my newsletter.

Lovely job.  As I wandered, I realized that I was experiencing Monet's gardens all these ages later, AND in a way seeing them as he would have.  Quite an experience!

I got your Bundle on Christmas 2018, and think this is my favorite so far.  Stunning visuals, lovely bits of story about the artist, examples of his other works.  Excellent piece of art.

A shame Derain got more muted.  I appreciate the Fauvist style all the more being INSIDE it.