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You gotta kill Slimeks in the little side area where there's 4 of them. Aggroing all of them at once and multikilling them a few times in a row did it for me.

I think it depends on the enemy. Higher damage per hit seems to factor into your ability to stagger and knock back enemies, and hammer obviously does the most per hit (the jumping attack doing slightly more). It completely trivializes the higher level slimes in the demo, for example. And farming multiple enemies faster is no joke, especially if ATLYSS is as inspired by MapleStory as it seems!

I tend to find the hammer works best either when you repeatedly jump attack your enemy, OR when you let your enemy approach and then use grounded attacks to bat them away. Mix and matching the approaches gets messy. For the Geists I'm pretty sure I just jumped at 'em, blocked, and jumped at 'em a couple more times.

Classes are also a feature we barely get to play with in this demo, but there will be "Tier 2" classes that may greatly exaggerate the strengths of given weapons... And the multiplayer portion of the game may also lend extra value to properties like AoE, burst damage, and CC, depending on what's needed.

I did switch to Bow or Sword occasionally, but I didn't find it very disheartening to do so. I mostly just smacked things around with the Hammer.

LOVED it SO much... <3

Reprised is GREAT!!! I love the music, cute characters, and snappy gameplay~

Sharing it with my friends. They like it also.

I hope you have fun making it, and hope you succeed!

As someone who has learned hypnosis from articulate resources, and appreciates both the technical and emotional aspects of it, this game is a really great thing to stumble onto. Vinyl GETS it~

I love Casper and I'll never forget him ;_;7

With permission, ta-da

I'll keep branching out with advice until it looks something like a proper walkthrough~ Thanks for the cool hecking game, Octii!

Hey Strawberry, is it cool if I post my WIP guide here? It's a Googledoc I'm just writing tips for players having difficulty and compiling my thoughts, but I understand if you don't want it linked here!

Either way, LOVING the game so far. Lots of obvious love and passion put into it. <3