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All right, I'll install it in Virtualbox and try to find out what's wrong.

Meanwhile, if you happen to have Windows box on hand somewhere, you can run the game there using this archive.

I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience.


It's fine. I'm used to things not working. :D

All right, I've installed Devuan ASCII in virtualbox and wasn't able to reproduce the bug you're experiencing :(

Are you 100% sure that sound files (like e.g. "music.mp3") are unpacked and available under relative path "assets/sounds/" to the game binary? And that you have SDL2_mixer installed from repository (i.e. not from some local sudo make install)?

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I ran "sudo apt install libsdl2-*" and the sounds files are all in DL/bin/assets/sounds/. (a bunch of .ogg files)

If you're not able to reproduce the issue, then I guess I won't be able to fix it. It's unfortunate.

T ^ T <(Thanks for trying though.)

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Okay, I've managed to find it, it was totally my bad. I've used some 24-bit wav sounds, but it happens that SDL_mixer plays those on some systems and does not on other. 

Here's the updated archive for you:

Oh, and if there'll be no sound, please try running it with the environment variable SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa.

Sorry for all the fuss :)


Now it works. AWESOME!