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All right, I've installed Devuan ASCII in virtualbox and wasn't able to reproduce the bug you're experiencing :(

Are you 100% sure that sound files (like e.g. "music.mp3") are unpacked and available under relative path "assets/sounds/" to the game binary? And that you have SDL2_mixer installed from repository (i.e. not from some local sudo make install)?

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I ran "sudo apt install libsdl2-*" and the sounds files are all in DL/bin/assets/sounds/. (a bunch of .ogg files)

If you're not able to reproduce the issue, then I guess I won't be able to fix it. It's unfortunate.

T ^ T <(Thanks for trying though.)

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Okay, I've managed to find it, it was totally my bad. I've used some 24-bit wav sounds, but it happens that SDL_mixer plays those on some systems and does not on other. 

Here's the updated archive for you:

Oh, and if there'll be no sound, please try running it with the environment variable SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa.

Sorry for all the fuss :)


Now it works. AWESOME!