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Alright I agree to your terms. But I'm allowed to post any game I pleased and if I want to am allowed to host a jam it has to be no rules anything goes and allow to post my own games on my own jams. Is that agreeable? 


Thanks for understanding, I removed the limit on jam submissions from your account.

Thank you so much. Glad to be coming back. 

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Hey! We had an agreement and you signed that Campotech can post wherever and whatever we want. If you plan on backing out of that agreement we will be more than glad to counterstrike itch. Io. Trust us Campotech is not a group of indie gamers you don't want to screw with.  And I would like to speak with the owner of this site please. 


Since Leaf may not be able to answer right now, maybe I can help:

  1. I'm pretty sure he hasn't signed anything. You two carried on a discussion on a community forum.
  2. That's not what you agreed to. You asked for permission to create your own game jams with any rules you want, or no rules at all. Which was fine all along: jam organizers on Itch make their own rules for participation. We just ask them to also mind the community guidelines and terms of service.
  3. Leaf here is the owner of the website. You've been talking to him all along.

Please do no resort to threats. That makes people less inclined to be amiable, and can serve as evidence in a court of law. What seems to be the problem, anyway? Is the restriction still in place? Maybe something went wrong.

I have the same problem, please can you help me aswell

If I was breaking the rules, I was not aware about it

Admin (1 edit)

I see reports for you account for submitting to unrelated game jams. The game jam system is not for you to advertise your project by mass posting it in game jams. 

As an aside, if you have an issue with your account then I recommend contacting support: Posting in someone else's topic makes it difficult to help you resolve your issue.


I've tried that but they haven't replied in weeks. 


I checked our support system and I don't see any emails from the email address on your account. If you need support to help with your account you must contact us using that email.

In any case, I already told you why your account got booted from jams.

I'm telling you the truth, I've talked to them a lot they first replied and told me to state what the problem was and when it happened and after I explained they just stopped replying


I've removed the limit from your account. 

A good way to prevent issues from happening again is to not submit a projects to jams unless you created that project for the jam. Jams aren't designed for self promoting your work. Jams are for creating games. Hope that helps


Thank you, I promise this won't happen again

I will try again