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Campotech's first dungeon crawler. You play as 1 of 3 characters to explore a deep dark dungeon to obtain the sword of God to grant your deepest desires. That's all I'm gonna tell you for now. 

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Hey! We had an agreement and you signed that Campotech can post wherever and whatever we want. If you plan on backing out of that agreement we will be more than glad to counterstrike itch. Io. Trust us Campotech is not a group of indie gamers you don't want to screw with.  And I would like to speak with the owner of this site please. 

A new game jam has arrived!!!!! The campotech jam has arrived where there are finally no rules or restrictions. You can submit any number of games as you like. There are no limits and everyone is welcome to join. 

Campotech and itch. Io has reached a reasonable agreement and campotech has returned. Because of campotech departure all games were deleted and new releases will be uploaded by next month. 

Thank you so much. Glad to be coming back. 

Alright I agree to your terms. But I'm allowed to post any game I pleased and if I want to am allowed to host a jam it has to be no rules anything goes and allow to post my own games on my own jams. Is that agreeable? 

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Alright what agreement do u have in mind?

Here is what I'm thinking. I'm allowed to post any game I want and bypass all the rules of this site and cannot be reported for spam or any other reason. If not then it looks like we are done here. 

 And an apology would be nice. 

Because of some issues with other people here campotech decided to quit itch. Io and move over to game jolt. We wanna thank you for supporting campotech over the year we have been here. 

Your not spying on Me are you? Just kidding. But seriously is there a way to Unspam me or I'll just quit itch. Io altogether and move to game jolt?

Yes I have and did more than once just to be noticed. 

Is there a way to delete your itch. Io account. It appears that people don't give a shit about what I'm trying to do and these game jam rules are just too ridiculous. 

My games are not uploading on game jams. Is there something wrong here?


David and Rachel are back together again in a new game. This time their apartment building is being invaded by bugs coming from the sewers and your only weapon is an unlimited supply of flowerpots. Help David shoot down the flower pots at the bugs to get rid of them but if you accidently hit Rachel you lose a turn. Also if you manage to last 3 minutes the door will open and if Rachel goes in you will play a bonus game.

This game is pretty much a crackpots and Kaboom clone rolled into one game. Thought I try something different.

Blocks is a Tetris Clone and it is one of the launch titles of the new popular Game Girl.

Along with Blocks is Alien Invaders, Sea Shark and Zoey.


Mikey Dude has arrived!!! Play as Mikey Dude who has to save the city from the evil Mr.Larry and 3 of his gang members.

This is a platform game where you shoot and jump. You can also find many different weapons to use to defeat your enemies. There is a stage select menu like in mega man where you must clear 3 stages before you face the evil Mr.Larry himself.

Taxes Vs Axis is now available to play. You are America and you must defend your country from the axis powers. Deploy your troops, tanks, and other forces you have available and fight for the freedom and peace of the united states of America.

Thank you. I hope you enjoy them once I release them on the 30th anniversary of the game boy which is next month.

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GAME GIRL!!!! OH GIRL!!! Has arrived!!!!

Next Month Game Boy will be 30 years old so just for fun of it I will be launching a new series of games called Game Girl. Which is like my version of game boy. (Hench the name game girl). Here are the 4 launch titles that will be up this April. From left to right: Blocks, Alien Invaders, Sea Shark and Zoey. Blocks is a Tetris clone game. Alien Invaders is a space invaders type arcade game. Sea Shark is a shooter game where you sink enemy subs and boats. (A CampoTech Classic). And Zoey where you hit a ball back against a wall to score points. These games will be available Now.

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So I started on a new game project which inspired by a Disney cartoon spirit of 43.

Taxes Vs. Axis. You are America and you must spend your hard earned tax dollars to build factories to send out ships , soldiers, planes and tanks out to the battlefield to defend the axis. Thanks to Hitler and Hirohito the world is in war. Only you must assemble the finest combat fighters to destroy the axis powers and bring peace back to the world. The project just started so more info to come as campotech works on this game. The sprites have been made and the factories for America, Germany and japan has been set. Now I have to do the GUI and program the game itself.

Stephanie is ready to be played by you loving happy peeps. In this game you play as a little girl name Stephanie who explores four worlds based on seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. It's really a simple platform game. You jump on enemies to defeat them collect hearts to score points. If you get all the visible hearts a giant heart appears at the end of each little and you can grab it to enter a bonus game. Plus they're other surprises in store too. Can you find the rainbow path to world 4?

My version of the game Custer's Revenge is only available until the end of Valentine's Day. In this game you play as George Custer who must dodge flying arrows to have sex with a naked woman up against a cactus. Please note this game is intended for Adults only and nobody under 21 should be allowed to play this.

Road Rage is now available to download. In this game You must drive 1000 miles without crashing into any car. If you do cutscenes will take place. If you crash into a flashing purple car a fighting mini-game will take place. If you crash or flip off a police car it's instant game over for you. Flipping off speedy green cars will score you 100 points for you get them at the right moment. This game may not be suitable for anyone under 10 years of age due to the fact there is a lot of finger flipping in this game.

Campotech is happy to announce it's first RPG project using RPG Maker 2003 called Dungeon Warrior. Campotech will be using 8 bit soundtrack, sprites and mapping to create this retro-style open world adventure. You create a party consisting a fighter, Wizard and Cleric. The quest is to gather the four element crystals to bring them to the good king so he can help find the evil Dungeon Master and defeat him to fulfill the player's destiny. Along the way Wizards and Clerics will Magic spells through books at shops and talk to other villagers and any other people to trigger side-quests. That's all for now but screenshots will come as development progresses.

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Now all the gameplay has been done for Road Rage. Now it's time to add sfx and the soundtrack. I hope everyone will like it. As for Stephanie I'm about to finish world 3 and next week will be starting on the final world.

Venture is now ready to be downloaded and played. You play the role of Archer who must explore a dungeon to find the golden dagger and escape. But beware of the deamons and bats for they will bring you certain death!!!