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The game is really slow on my computer and that make it unplayable :/

If it helps, it takes 23 seconds between clicking the start buton and the end of the loading.

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Hi hellper,

Thanks for the reply.

That's strange because i have max 951 low poly objects and other max. 3000 objects (2 tris objects ).. So 3951 max objects in the level. I made some tests and I have max 40k tris / frame.  (later edit.. i have 4.4M tris / frame)

About loading it's strange, on my computer the map is generated in max 300ms. After that, the objects loading takes about 2 seconds + my loading screen rest 3 more seconds :) And i dont have a super machine (i5 -2.3GHz and GTX950). But takes longer in my Chrome browser.

I'll try to optimise the loading. Also i will upload a windows exe for better feeling :D