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Hey! Nice idea i'm going to do that and i'll try it to see how it feels. 

Post your results here (records) :)

Update 2nd play mode: 100 bricks to build. Do not dropany brick into the abiss. :)

Update 2nd play mode: 100 bricks to build. Do not dropany brick into the abiss. :)

Hey, thanks Thoof. After 3-4 tries i saw that i could change the score system to whats rest on the 'ground' but then, the timer (100 sec) is useless and i'll have to make to drop 100 'bricks' but the game will be too long :) 100 * (3-5 sec at full speed) will be 300-500 sec (too much gameplay for a small game like this)

Hey! Thanks for the reply. 

Bug solved! 

Sound effect volume modified!

Now it works

Yeah, i don't know what is happening.

Unity saves PlayerPrefs but at reloading those values are gone. 

I really don't know what to do. I'm so disappointed about this.

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I've updated the game like 8-9h ago. I've changed the graphics and the ammout of money you get.

I need to make a game reset button when you have  a certain ammount of money. Eg: 1.00e20 for the first time, 1.00e25 second time, 1.00e31 3rd tilme and so on... 

By reseting the game you'll gain some powers (eg: -0.1% certain building cost (or for all), +0.1% a certain building income, etc...) or just gain some kind of diamonds (2nd income type in the game) and with those you purchase powers.

Also need to make save - load buttons.

Thank you


It's hard to make a game with so much limitations.

About linux, i don't have a linux machine.. so i didnt have the chance to test the game.

My first idea was to do a 2D TBS fight, after that a 2D platformer adventure-quest, after that lots of 2D ideas .. but the UI limitation pushed me back. Another idea was to do a fight 2D-3D (is nto important) with 4 actions and combinations of those actions to do other stuff .. like mortal combat. Maybe next time i will make one fight game like MK :)

Sorry to hear that.

My plan is to finish the game in the future and in the end the dog will met his family.. happy ending.

Hope you find your dog soon.


About " TEXT_LIMIT - No more that 16 different words in game" .. I can use one word multiple times? 

Eg: the text "ENEMY KILLED" (2 words) i can use it every time my avatar killed an enemy (infinite times)? 

      Or "YOU GAIN ONE POINT" (4words - 12 remaining different word to use later)



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Hi hellper,

Thanks for the reply.

That's strange because i have max 951 low poly objects and other max. 3000 objects (2 tris objects ).. So 3951 max objects in the level. I made some tests and I have max 40k tris / frame.  (later edit.. i have 4.4M tris / frame)

About loading it's strange, on my computer the map is generated in max 300ms. After that, the objects loading takes about 2 seconds + my loading screen rest 3 more seconds :) And i dont have a super machine (i5 -2.3GHz and GTX950). But takes longer in my Chrome browser.

I'll try to optimise the loading. Also i will upload a windows exe for better feeling :D


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I know, sometimes i had that feeling too. I wanted to make it visible with some dark-gray  color, at least the zone where you've been...

... but the fact is that the code dont permit that because i worked with map tiles (0 - signal, 1 - signal). The map i think have 100x100 (later edit 300x300), so it's not suitable for coloring (a rounded coloring).. only shrap square edge. (i think i'm gonna do that) 

I had another map generator - with random signal (position, range) .. but the problem was the testing algorithm. The fillout algorithm doesnt work for this kind of maps. I did't knew what algorithm should write, so i used the most common and the easiest one :)

:) yeah, it's funny.

I didnt work hard on balancing the creature HP/damage vs player.

Thanks :)