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Hi, it is not possible to get an input from the player, but you can have variables. 

The engine supports the ejs format avec provides an object named $state that persists between pages so you can write <% $ = "Paul" %> to set a variable called name inside $state and <%= $ %> to display it

Hi @Jazzy, I released a mac version of the Herobook engine a week ago. Feel free to try it and give feedback if you want :D

Hi Jazzy, thx for your comment :)

I wish I could add a mac version but this is diificult because I need to build it from a mac, and I don't have access to one.

I have an idea that may help for that, but I'll need some time before I can do it.

Merci :)

Le fait de mourir souvent est en fait inspiré d'un autre jeux textuel nommé "drague on", hélas difficilement trouvable de nos jours.

Une seule fin, le jeu a été fait avec une version très basique de mon moteur de jeux qui rendais la création assez pénible à l'époque, du coup je n'ai pas fait trop recherché sur ce point :x

Hi. It's a nice game you have made here, It feels a bit like the dice forge board game, which I'm super fan of. There are also some problems:

  • Way too much text with some giving really obsvious tips; I would recommand the "don't tell, show" tip. For example you don't really need to say you heal the player when the action of healing is mostly self-explanatory. Visual feedbacks are also simpler for that.
  • Animations are very slow which break part of the dynamic. On the other hand some obvious actions could be automated, like the dice selection when there is no reroll left.
  • There are a few issues with balance. First all actions don't have the same type of benefit: while attac and defense are used within a single fight, gathering gold benefits the whole game so if you can keep a fight for a arbitrary long time you can easily collect huge amounts of gold even having it snowball and grow faster after each fight.
  • Also as others have pointed out the multiplicator action is way to strong. On my last run I had two dice covered with x4 so each round was like playing 8 dice of the best action. Each turn of the last battle I was gaining 16 defense and dealing 12 daages to all enemies, litterally destroying them. I think you could balance it with the concept of rarity so you can have strong actions that are rare, or in small quantity. That way your may also have a better interest in placing them in you dice to optimize your actions
  • Finally I think the gameplay lack of variety as most actions are counters of others action: defense and heal against attack (in some sense they're like two separate life bars capted at 20), fire against block. I think this is what makes the game so easy because there is no surprise or need to adapt. Once you have your strategy set up you can follow it and the game become brainless

Anyway that was a really pleasant experience. Thanks for the game :)

Hi @Argos_Rumpwhistle, thanks for your feedback.

For an offline local use, I plan to make a desktop version of the app.

For the addition of functionnalities, I try to keep the format as much consistent as possible so it doesn't add more complexity. So if you don't use it, it shoudn't be to much of a bother.

I was planing to add music support but the thing is, when you complie you currently insert everything into a single file, pictures included. With larger file I fear it to become quickly a size problem...

I'm a bit confused by what you say about decision tree. The tool already allow to make choices. But maybe I'm missing something ?

Hi, I started the project as a way to learn to program in many different technologies. For the same reason, I decided to create different versions of the herobook engine with an increasing complexity so I could progress over time.

I tried to make an "advanced version" where you play by typing commands in a prompt, but there never was a release.
This is why the simple version is currently the only one available.

Hi again, I'm replying here to mention that in one game in had so much water tiles in the starting area that I couldn't get enough points to extend at least once D:

Thanks! I played and didn't see any lags. However the wheatfields where invisible and I could only see them through the harvest animation.

Also I found the point system a bit wierd since it's very hard to get a few points with a park (less base points than a house and tree only gives 1) where I could easily get lots of points with wheatfarms by placing them in big chunks. So, in some way I felt there where more rewards on the easy tiles than on the ones under constraints.

Also, I found myself stuck with only mines but no places to exploit it so I had to place on a dummy spot and remove it instantly to get rid of its negative points D:

But that appart it was very fun to extends a city and watch its name grow over time. I also liked the littles animations that gives life to the place :)

Thanks for making this game and good luck for your plans!

Or a web version at least would be nice :p I suppose it's easy to do with godot's help ?

Looks nice! Sadly no linux port D:

I just had a freeze in the second turn just after clicking the "end turn" button (not all rolls where done). Played in firefox.

Merci pour ton retour :)

Merci :)

Joli score 66 c'est pas mal :)

Merci pour ton retour : )

Maybe. Thay way you loose because of the way you play and not because you have two buildings to close to saved them both and have to wait a whole turn to save the second one.

Nice !

The game is really slow on my computer and that make it unplayable :/

If it helps, it takes 23 seconds between clicking the start buton and the end of the loading.

I liked the game, but not a lot. I think the fact that you have to wait between two hits is quite furstrating :x

Merci pour ton retour :)

Pour l'instant ce n'est pas possible de changer les contrôle et c'est pour ça que j'ai pris ijkl car ce n'est pas dépendant du clavier  niveau azerty/qwerty.  Mais techniquement c'est la même chose juste que c'est pas au même endroit x)

En tout cas content que ça te plaise :)

Thaks ! :)

Ah oui bien vu pour Catherine je n'avais pas anticipé ce cas x)

Ouai j'ai un peu repris le concept de l'un sur l'autre parce que je trouvait amusant de faire quelque chose de cyclique plutôt que linéaire ^^ J'espère cependant que ça ne t'as pas paru trop redondant x) En tout cas merci pour ton retour !

Merci pour ton retour !

Content que ça t'ai plu :) Oui j'ai pas du tout travaillé le sound design malheureusement x)

Il manque le fichier Audio/BGM/Dungeon8

It was okay.

There are bugs D:

In the Inn you can walk on the ceiling using the stairs.

Leaving the church make its music continue in the ohters maps.

The guardians are a bit frustrating.

V1.1 is still stuck on the tutorial D:

Je suis bloqué au mot de passe :'(

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Je dois avouer que j'ai pas trop compris le principe x) En gros il faut toucher à rien ?

Perso j'ai choisi de ne pas quitter la pièce et ça s'est fini du coup c'était une fin vraiment rapide x)

Il manque graphics/picture/credit_3_2 :/

I like the battle system but I'm not fond only having battles and big empty maps D: I didn't finish the game it's not that easy to survive :o

Long battle + no save -> not really fun D:

J'ai beaucoup aimé. C'est court mais bien ficelé. Merci pour le jeu :D

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I like this game. It's nice but really short D:

There are some problems on the tileset collisions and I could a bit walked on wall, for example.