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reading your " Game journalist style " review "  made me cringe so hard, my eyes sucked into my SKULL, and popped out the back of my head.

why don't you self-advertising people ever talk liek REAL PEOPLE? eh?

" this game is neat, I liked the art and it's a cool concept " 

nah, let's cram in a bunch of ham-fisted craptastical puns to show how " cool " I am ! please.

Also I'd liek to add this is not a darn thing like COTN, unless you use the very basic qualifying factor of " you kill stuff to music beats " 

= _= ; 

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I get what you mean, but I don't feel this specific forum is the right place to criticize their YT video.  Wouldn't that be better served on their Discord server (if they have one) and/or tweeting at them via Twitter and/or making a comment on the YT video itself?

You come across as super-aggressive and a bit whiney.

Please do remember that criticism is an art rather than an exact science.  Tact, grace, skill, and truthfulness.  Everyone tries to do it and only a few actually succeed at it.  Most just end up being entertaining (James Rolfe of AVGN) and others either fade into obscurity or sell out (boogie2988, Skylent, TheLazyPeon, HiveLeader, etc) to make sponsored advertorial videos (while simultaneously running a Patreon!) about crappy mobile games that everyone will forget ever existed in less than a week

You seem to like pixel art and such so how about focusing on rephrasing your words in a way that is constructive rather than destructive.  It is a skill that takes time and practice.  I'm sure you will improve over time.

My apologies if this came across as self-advertising and insincere.

I talk in this way as I legitimately have an extreme passion for the video games I cover. This extends to the video itself in that I'm an incredibly excitable person that rambles and squeaks and doesn't really have a filter.

As for talking like 'real people' there is no one defined definition of this. I could have said 'This game was fun. I enjoyed it.' But this wouldn't have conveyed how seriously I enjoyed this heckin' game!

Thank you for the feedback though I'm always happy to discuss my creative process and my extreme love for video gaming <3


Hi Loki!

I really enjoyed your video, and I can tell that you liked Scrambled (which makes us super happy!). Don't worry about self-advertising or whatever. We see this as a collaboration, you guys helps us show off Scrambled and we try to help you get more views on your videos! Everyone wins :). If it's ok with you I could share your video later on our social media channels?

And remember to keep a good tone in the comments guys. Feel free to discuss as you like and give each other feedback, but make sure to be nice to one another. Spread the love!

Have a great day!



Dear Rebecca,

Feel free to advertise/edit/link/share the video in whatever way you see fit. My partner and I produce YouTube videos in our free time and in no way receive payment from advertising or sponsored videos. We simply love to share what we love. I just take getting the fun things we do out to people very seriously as if you don't put yourself out there people won't see the awesome new games you stumble across! 

I decide to feature games in the Itch Dot Io Indies series because indie development is ground zero for unique and interesting concepts that are brought to life due to the passion of a small team; and this is most definitely evident in Scrambled. Also by producing unguided Lets Plays we hope to contribute to the development process as we're aware a game isn't truly tested until it's been put into the hands of the players!

Thanks again!