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Interesting mechanic. Simple but gives many options and choices 😊 . Nice mixture between puzzling and luck. Only downside is that the game feels too easy to survive, but too hard to get a high score (maybe more risk vs reward incentives can fix that)

Minor issue: the full screen mode in the phone doesn't show the full game screen. My solution was to just play the game without full screen

Also, i love the 80's/90's simple pixel gqmes vibes

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Thanks for playing! Yeah, I didn’t have a chance to do any balancing yet. The first version made it so you always lost 3 oxygen for each re-roll. But, that was TOO hard.

I think I’d want to add more hazards or reasons to spend more oxygen. An action that lets you pick up treasures more easily at the cost of oxygen maybe?

Thanks for the mobile report! I didn’t actually check if it fit on the phone haha. I just thought since it was touch controls it would work… My bad there! 🙈

It could be interesting if there's an 'emergency anchor' rule - like if the anchor command is used at or near the surface, it costs you one health. Of course, you could just not use refill, but then you run the risk of running out of oxygen before rolling a 3.

Ah that’s an interesting idea! Maybe if you move too many spaces while anchoring, more than 3 maybe, you take a damage.

Scraping against the ocean floor? I like it. Maybe you could also have mines strewn about the ocean that cause damage if the submarine passes through their square. There's a lot of room to expand on the ideas you started off with, and I'm curious to see where this goes!