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how do you beat the jump in level 3 ?!

فكرة اللعبة انها تصعب لغاية ما بطلنا المسكين يموت ^_

in room 10 blue only moves one blue platform not both, is this a glitch or a challenge?

Also, how do you win room 9?

i really enjoyed playing this game :), my heart jam entry was also about fighting in confined spaces, but yours is way more polished, much longer and more fun :D

Also, i like how you maintained a 16 bit style in all the game aspect (music, SFX, colours, sprites and even the way the final score is displayed LOL) a job well done indeed

nice game :)

failed to win after 4 tries, and I am too lazy to think more ^_^" !, out of curiosity, any tips on how to win :D

glad you liked it :)

This is my fourth jam and I learned a lot from my previous jams but I still did some of the same mistakes I did in previous jams:

Things I learned from previous jams and I applied here:

-Think and think and think before you even start writing any codes

-Do not wait for perfect art to start coding, do your codes with squares and circles while the artist do his job

-Ask myself, can I actually do this game within 72 hours [if I can't, can I still  submit what I have by the deadline as a final game]

Mistakes that I repeated:

-Did not consider taking the jam seriously until the first day passed

-Only dedicated 5-10 hours for the jam. If we add time spent by the other team members (artist and musician) it would barely be 10-15 hours, which is way less than even the time one person should dedicate for a 72 hours jam

Good job :), Hope you enjoyed playing it

Thanks for your replay I really appreciate your feedback :) 

loved how you cared about tiny details like the coffee thing :).  good job, and congratz on winning the Zanga

how can you get the good ending? [I already helped the wheel chair and the cemetery guy but i could not help the devil guy or the girl carrying a bow]

on a side note: مشكور على اللعبة الرائعة :)