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I thought about it and tried it at many different stages of the loop , but nothing happened. When exactly should i press it?

I played the 0.3.6. Does this one (0.4

6)  have more puzzles/levels?

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What to do after ending 2?   It is the only one I  have done and it seems I can't get out of it

I realized that my phone was only showing stages 1,2,5, and 6 (only the left side levels). So, I actually finished 5 and was doing 6. Right now in my PC, I finished all stages except 4 and 8

Love your games as always. Levels 1 and 2 were so easy i won without understanding the game fully 😆. But level 3 took me 5 tries to finally do it. The Cursor design is perfect (weak opponent with weak attack, but infinite range ❤). I am still working on beating level 4

I think this is the first time i heard the word slog 😅. I learned a new English word today 😅👍🏾.

Or maybe you can limit the ghoul to blocking one or two vowels only

In my 9th fight I am playing SQUIRE against GHOUL (5hp, Curse - Lock player vowels). So, I can't use u,i,e. I feel like it could be an automatic lose as I don't think there are many (if any) English words that are 4 letters and uses only "S,Q,R,G,H,L,O" ... or maybe I am just bad at spelling and finding words XD

Also, there should be a way of paying hp or losing score to have a valid word being recommended to you. So that you can avoid the state of just staring at the screen not sure if a suitable word even exists or not LOL

Can you add phone support? Or is it too much of  a hassle 😅?

Cute and lovely ❤

just to verify my understanding and experience: 

if the word doesn't use enemy letters it does 0 damage

if I avoid the number of letters mentioned in the enemy attack i will receive 0 hits

Both assumptions/observations are correct?

This is definitely the cutest game I  had in a very loooong time. I only managed to reach lvl9 as it was too difficult for me to beat it

just bought the supreme asset bundle. In shaa Allah I can make something great using these assets. Keep up the awesome work 👏 

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Wow! I never thought it was doable 😅. You have just defeated the devs. Congrats

I thought i fixed the plants glitch, but it seems that i just fixed enough not to make the game crash, but didn't really fix it.

For plants time, it is linked with the animation of the Druid (a very bad design idea, but it was a game jam 😅). So, sometimes it gets inconsistent, especially when your click accidentally makes the animayionbstart again.

Nice quick game. Loved the usage of ppt room transition as both a losing and restart mechanic

Interesting mechanic. Simple but gives many options and choices 😊 . Nice mixture between puzzling and luck. Only downside is that the game feels too easy to survive, but too hard to get a high score (maybe more risk vs reward incentives can fix that)

Minor issue: the full screen mode in the phone doesn't show the full game screen. My solution was to just play the game without full screen

Also, i love the 80's/90's simple pixel gqmes vibes

Love it ❤👍🏾. Truely informative

Nice challenging game. Loved how the numbers gets too big too fast XD. From 3hp in wave1, to a crazy 102 hp in wave11

Great job.

I  am not sure if flawless is possible (since it is extremely hard to hunt down the first fast enemy), but one player  did manage to win with only one red skull

Thank you 😊

We are planning to improve this game further

The actual chatGPT is just top notch. it is very crazy how fast AI improves

Aha. That makes so much sense now 😅👍🏾

Although i felt a connection between the two but i feel like i didn't learn much 😅. i feel like the player in the Tennis is the same character that warned us about joining the Bounce apostle in the Wizard Ran #2 (same hat and same clothing colour if i am not mistaken).

However, something that i am still struggling to understand or come up with a plausible theory about is that the lore tower in TWR2 talks about two entities playing together to create a world and add to it. But, in this game you are actually starting as a weakling and in the end you become a player in the gold area. Does that mean that the "outer entities" are just people who ammased crazy powers and items  (just like the universal theif universe)🤔

Played this game to understand the wizard run lore XD

More emotional than I thought it might be. Just imagining the places and the issues encountered takes you to another world .... The starting and the ending point that you imagine, and everything in between, makes this a very unique game. I had added the extra end goal of (if you survive 5 days, you reach your destination) which makes the game both have a win and lose condition

People who didn't witness COIVD lockdown won't understand how emotional this game is. Such a simple happy ending to a crazy real life event is perfect

مافي احلى من شكل شريط الأتاري ^_^

Came back for the update. You weren't exaggerating when you said in the devlog that we need to unlearn few things 😅. Love the evolution of the camp and rock seed. I still have 6 things to unlock in the new version, but i think i will enjoy trying to discover them

simple but has all the important details XD

اللعبة رووعة ^_^

اللعبة واضح عليها انها اندماج    ما بين celeste و  short hike   ^___^

What an extremely detaled chart 😅❤ love it!

what if shipwreck + lighthouse (maybe) = +1 population or house (i.e. saving the survivors)

حبيت مسك الحواف وكمان انه اللعبة تدعم يد التحكم ^_^ بس لكن حسيت انه المرحلة أطول من انه ما يكون فيها اي شيك بوينت وخصوصا انه مرات كثيرة اللاعب يموت بسبب صعوبة التحكم

واضح انه اللعبة كان طموحها عالي بس لكن كان الافضل انك تخليها اصغر ولكن بجودة أكبر

اللعبة حلوة ومضحكة جدا، شغل ممتاز

العيب الوحيد هو انك مليت اللعبة اسيتس كثيرة وحجمها اكبر بكثير من اي لعبة ثانية وهذا ممكن يخلي صعب الواحد يجرب اللعبة بسهولة، وكمان مافي زر للإعادة غير انك تسكر اللعبة وهذا شوي مزعج (الا لو انا غلطان وفي طريقة اعادة وانا مش عارف)

فكرة اللعبة حلوة ومميزة لاني في البداية استغربت شلون خسر اللاعب الاول بس بعدين فهمت انه هذا جزء من اللعبة ^_^

 بس لكن التحكم والتصادم محتاج تعديلات

صعوبة المرحلة الثانية كانت كثيرة جدا وخصوصا انك لازم تعيد كل حاجة من البداية. حلو انه اللعبة تكون صعبة وفيها تحدي بس ما اعتقد انك ظبطت الصعوبة صح. حسيت انه اللعبة صعبة لمجرد انها تكون صعبة

بس لكني حبيت التأثيرات الصوتيه والرسومات وكمان تحكم اللاعب كان حلو وسلس ^_^

فكرة اللعبة ورسوماتها حلوة جدا ^_^ 

ممكن مستقبلا    تحسّن على البلاتفورمز والتلامس معاهم لانه مرات الحيوانات تكون رسمتهم خلف العشب ومرات امامه

اللعبة صعبة ولكن مش بطريقة حلوة، يعني تحس زي كأنه اللاعب عاوز يعذبك في التحكم :(

بس عجبتني البارتيكيلز والرسومات عموما ^_^

تسلم 😊

العفو. وان شاء الله نشوف ألعابك  في الزنقات الجاية 😊