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remembered the game so decided to give it a quick play. Only got 13 in the daily XD either it is a bad seed or I am forgetting how to play XD

Loved the MSX aesthetic

Lovely <3

Awesome 👌

I finally completed the journal 😅🥳 thanks to the dev tip, otherwise I would've been completely in the dark

Awesome 👍🏾

I am still missing the last item in the journal even after many many tries. Any tips 😅?

Also, is there a reason why the rocky seed not in the journal?

As a fellow gamedev, I forgot to ask you the most important question 😅: which game engine did you use?

My concise, incomplete, guide: 

Place farm next to turnip.

Place quarry next to mountain.

Place mine next to mountain

Place house on top of house

Place lighthouse next to water

Place ship next to lighthouse or fish

Place church (and inn) next to houses

Whenever you place a house, make sure you have two spots next to it (for both inn and church)

Each time you make a correct placement you get more stuff which will prolong the game and help you get to more advanced things

Managed to get a better score in this seed 🥳

I only got a 10 in today's daily. Need to study the board more 😅

Got 27. The game became much different after realizing the stacking and the usefulness of the bank

Nice ^_^

Btw, do houses have any benefits or bonuses other than increasing population?

Daily challenge (score 13)

Nice game

My best score: population= 10

Nice game ^_^

Simple and entertaining ❤👍


I  got to experience riding a rollercoaster while playing a platformer XD. Loved the game :) , but now I  need to wrap my head around the map to find the remaining crystals (X_X)

Thanks ^_^. Glad you liked our game. I mainly do the programming, but I  have very talented team members who help me with the art

Thanks. Glad that you loved it

I  finally get to play the game that you keep showing in your tutorials. YAAAY! I am a huge fan of both GameMaker and Tower Defense. So, I  obviously love this game XD


what on earth did i just play XD XD

Glad you loved it :D

nice concepts for the magical world of 3d games in GMS2, but the maze felt too difficult to me (even though I love puzzles)

loved the game. Great job

Awesome work making the game  in a jam and with  a new  engine for your guys

nice and simple game ^__^

what a nice a game :) reminded me of the old Atari games

Awesome game! Loved the simple, yet complex,  leveling mechanic :)


The Internet works in mysterious ways 😅🤭. I followed you since I joined the same GM48 jam that you were in. Then, the name and theme of your game caught my attention in the notifications, so I immediately played it 😊

Love it. The timing feels a little bit weird maybe because the animation is long compared to the speed of the birds, but still a lovely game ^_^

Awesome job! Can't wait for the full game. I am already hooked from finishing the beta contents and can't wait to finally see the full ending

I decided to go back to gameqode games XD. The art and idea is amazing, but the bugs were the main issue.

Side question! How do you return to the house after you finish the waves? or you can't?

I downloaded it, because I have a rule that says "if it is large, it must have something useful" XD

Found some interesting games :) , but still haven't opened any source codes yet

Liked the world getting smaller aspect. Good start :)

nicely dark and creepy! "not all growth is good!"

Nice simple design, loved how the enemies die XD, but the movement needs more improvement

Gold good, snake bad, water important! Simple, effective and funny :) loved it