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Hello again ^_^

I played your game again and it has a nicer feeling, so it is definitely better than before :) . I even tried to challenge myself by never buy any health upgrades and I made it all the way to level 36, before the purple killed me with one hit (does the purple do 20 damage, or did I receive two 10 damages in succession?)... anyways, let us ignore these details and focus on what is important! this game needs sounds effects as a priority (killing slime, slime preparing to attack, slime attack, throwing spear, retrieving spears...etc) all these things feel very empty without any sound effect. Also, maybe you should reduce hp from 20 to 15, so that people feel that upgrading hp is important. A second minor, but annoying, issue, is that the indicator for throwing the spear does not get longer when you upgrade the range. Also, you should try to have a different map (maybe have 3 levels and just use them as 1,1,2,2,3,1,1,2,2,3... or 1,1,1,1,1,2,2,2,2,2,3,3,3,3,3,1,1,1,1,1...) this way you can still have infinite levels without creating many maps

Played the game again after the update ^_^ . Reached level 51 (score 8100) but then I felt bored XD so I killed myself [hopefully I didn't miss anything in the game]. Managed to reach max speed and max dash (but didn't max the other things).

side note: Since the levels are too repetitive, I think that waiting 10 levels to see the 2nd type of enemies is too much wait. Honestly, I would make it appear as soon as level 3 or 5. and maybe by level 15 or 20 already show the purple enemies.

Side note 2: For me, the fun levels were the ones were the gold ones and the orange ones were introduced, because they gave some challenge, but it wasn't hard enough (but maybe make their hit stronger than -5)

lovely and simple game :)

my first time playing

nice game  

love the game <3
awesome job

what a lovely spin-off <3

I  could't beat the boss but i did  two successful attacks on him  XD. The game feels like a combination between  braid and super meat boy :D 

I might try later to actually defeat him

I really liked  how the sounds and music shifts as the speed changes or reverses. I also appreciate games where every point is a checkpoint ^__^

glad that you liked it ^__^

and awesome job beating the game!  

thanks, it is done by

but i never found anything closer to my heart as a profile picture than it  , so I always use it (hopefully they are not angry at me ::hiding_face::

theoretically it should be enough, but why don't you just add the gmx file to a rar or zip and just attach it?

how do you beat the jump in level 3 ?!

فكرة اللعبة انها تصعب لغاية ما بطلنا المسكين يموت ^_

in room 10 blue only moves one blue platform not both, is this a glitch or a challenge?

Also, how do you win room 9?

i really enjoyed playing this game :), my heart jam entry was also about fighting in confined spaces, but yours is way more polished, much longer and more fun :D

Also, i like how you maintained a 16 bit style in all the game aspect (music, SFX, colours, sprites and even the way the final score is displayed LOL) a job well done indeed

nice game :)

failed to win after 4 tries, and I am too lazy to think more ^_^" !, out of curiosity, any tips on how to win :D

glad you liked it :)

This is my fourth jam and I learned a lot from my previous jams but I still did some of the same mistakes I did in previous jams:

Things I learned from previous jams and I applied here:

-Think and think and think before you even start writing any codes

-Do not wait for perfect art to start coding, do your codes with squares and circles while the artist do his job

-Ask myself, can I actually do this game within 72 hours [if I can't, can I still  submit what I have by the deadline as a final game]

Mistakes that I repeated:

-Did not consider taking the jam seriously until the first day passed

-Only dedicated 5-10 hours for the jam. If we add time spent by the other team members (artist and musician) it would barely be 10-15 hours, which is way less than even the time one person should dedicate for a 72 hours jam

Good job :), Hope you enjoyed playing it

Thanks for your replay I really appreciate your feedback :) 

loved how you cared about tiny details like the coffee thing :).  good job, and congratz on winning the Zanga

how can you get the good ending? [I already helped the wheel chair and the cemetery guy but i could not help the devil guy or the girl carrying a bow]

on a side note: مشكور على اللعبة الرائعة :)