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I'm not joining this jam... but I had this idea for a small sized game.

There is this func in godot: _draw(). Maybe someone could make a game with Asteroids graphics. Try to not make a copy of Asteroids, but a game that has this art style. Here is a link to the Godot docs about custom drawing in 2D:


I've made a snake-clone with only draw_rect, draw_circle and draw_string (short over 300 KB).



I've been using the equivalents of Godot's _draw() for years, it's rather effective. My thought is, if I procedurally develop my assets at run time (I've never done it on Godot, but it's a simple enough task), and constrain the result to make a reasonable amount of sense, then all I would technically need is a random seed for it. The game could generate the field of play at run time.

Of course, that does gobble some processor time and expand the memory footprint quite a bit; but to my knowledge there's no rule against that.


Sounds interesting. I'm waiting to play both of your games😁



My Itch stuff is generally goof-around-and-stop-thinking-about-work things. I've got another project with Unity in the background, called Overclockalypse; and there's a mobile game I put together a few years back called The Penguin and the Dragon, which you can find on the Play Store. I'm considering building it for mobile and throwing it on Itch. We'll see. There were a few other items from about a decade back but at the time I got sidetracked with some music production software and then a job for a cloud computing company, it kind of took me out of the loop for a bit. It's fun to be building again.