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Uh nevermind, it's already there in the butler manual, albeit a little bit obscure

Tagging a channel as 'HTML5 / Playable in browser' needs to be done from the Edit game page, once the first build is pushed. The page also needs to be set to 'HTML' rather than the default 'Downloadable'.

Hey, glad you found the relevant docs section :) Do you have any pointers on how to make it less obscure? We certainly want people to find out how to do it easily!

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Actually yes :)

On this page

Just under "Channel names" headline, another headline "HTML / Playable in browser Games" should do the trick. Also adding this headline to the contents column on the left, under "Pushing builds" could make it even more visible.


Done! Changes will propagate in a bit, since the docs are cached by our servers.

Wow! I'm totally impressed with the reaction speed 8D

Sorry, I still don't get it. How do I push a patch for html5 game if there's no channel? butler won't do that.


So, you always have to specify a channel when pushing with butler, like so:

butler push folder user/game:channel

If your game was previously uploaded via the website, you'll just need to upload it once with butler with a channel name of your choice (that contains 'html5'), delete the old one, and mark the new one as "This file will be played in the browser", and you're all good to go!

The next time you want to upload an upgrade, use the same channel name you just created, and it will update the embed, and distribute patches to app users. Hope that clarifies things!


Yes, thanks you, that makes a lot of sense. 

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(that contains 'html5')

I was under the impression you could tag any channel for that, does it really require html5 to be within the channel's name?

You can pick any upload to be played in the browser, regardless of the channel's name.

Channel names only matter for the first push - since it determines what platforms the new upload is going to be tagged with. That can always be changed in the Edit game page, though!