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Pushed a new update. Changes:

Added additional graphics options to let the game run on lower-end laptops with integrated GPU.

Also made the fairy and wizard on the character select book clickable and animated. Looks fun!

Pushed a new update. Changes:

Made good optimizations on text drawing issue and also added an option to turn off the particle effects => sands flowing to the lower-right side of the screen, for lower-end devices. Now it should work better.

Also I found an issue that causes the game loading hang at 99% and this is specifically related to internet explorer 11. There is a workaround but I need to make lot's of hacks in the game code. So I just added a warning message for those people who use internet explorer.

Finally, improved the cliff diving level a bit.

After some complaints about bad performance on firefox, I decided to dig in deep. It seems that the text drawn with native html and the composite operations for light and particle effects are incredibly taxing on computers without a decent GPU. I'll try to fix as best as I can and also put an option to turn them off alltogether.

Pushed a new update. Changes:

Bonus goals now open automatically after a short time delay. This was a requested feature by many players. You can still click on them if you are fast enough :)

Wow! I'm totally impressed with the reaction speed 8D

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Actually yes :)

On this page

Just under "Channel names" headline, another headline "HTML / Playable in browser Games" should do the trick. Also adding this headline to the contents column on the left, under "Pushing builds" could make it even more visible.

Graina community · Created a new topic Comments

Hey, please feel free to add your comments :)

Pushed a new update. Changes:

Fixed the save/load for the tinker mode.

Fullscreen now functions as intended. Just push the fullscreen button on the game page.

Uh nevermind, it's already there in the butler manual, albeit a little bit obscure

Tagging a channel as 'HTML5 / Playable in browser' needs to be done from the Edit game page, once the first build is pushed. The page also needs to be set to 'HTML' rather than the default 'Downloadable'.

I have an HTML game that's around 50MB. It takes a while to upload the whole zip files when updating the game so I installed butler.

However I didn't really understand how does it work for HTML games. Is butler only good for downloadable games ?

Graina community · Created a new topic Development Blog

Hey there! You can read the recent development plans and news here.

A nice take on infinite runner games. Enjoyed it!