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It will be Icarus. There’s a storyline reason why he’s straight but it’s not present in the demo. Tyran is also complicated as far as categorizing but he’s available as a full romance path for male characters as well.

Thank you for your interest! I hope you enjoy the game! There’s some bugs and grammar issues (English isn’t my first language) but I hope you find it fun!

That's okay, English isn't my first language either and I'm not perfect with it, so I understand!

Icarus seems sweet, but even without knowing him, I kind of thought he's the one who'd be the best suited for the straight exclusive option, so it fits my impressions. I may replay as a girl at some point if I like him enough to romance him.

Anyway, thanks for your answers - if I have time, I may try this evening!

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Hey again!

I've been finally able to play the demo! Well, I haven't finished yet, but I just started on the investigation mission, and it feels like a "last quest of the arc" type of thing, so I'll share my thoughts right now even if I still have things left to do.

Well, first of all, really, the game is simply amazing. I felt attached to the characters very fast, and the story is compelling, at least to me - it's exactly the type of fantasy I like, with the added freedom you have by being an indie dev. 

I must admit I enjoy the music a lot - I'm a sucker for in-game songs (as in, songs with actual lyrics). 

I'd like to go a bit more in depth about the characters and stuff, but before that I'll point out a couple of things that may be considered mistakes or simply that I would add. 

- There's a faint square around Erika's portrait - like a border remaining from the original file or something like that.

- The game would benefit from an auto toggle for battles. It's fine at the beginning, but for people who grind a lot like me, it's nice to be able to just let the characters attack alone once you're in late game.  Also, I'd really add a text log - sometimes I get a bit finger-heavy on the mouse, and since the game is set to start skipping if I let my finger down, I may miss some text. A log would allow to go back and read it.

- As usual, a gallery wouldn't be bad either - it's nice to be able to look at the CGs anytime. Maybe even listen to the music.

Well, now for more in depth things!

If someone else than the dev reads it, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!

I like how you have such a huge array of choices all the time. It's nice to be able to really shape the main character as you wish. The karma system is nice too. Considering the MCs demonic predicament, I can imagine how badly it may end if you have bad karma later on. I'm curious as on why the demon was divided into two parts though. Many mysteries ahead!

So far, I like most of the characters. The only one I'm not so fond of is Myrana - she's really not my type, but I can tolerate her so that's okay. Icarus is very nice too, but fortunately I don't feel frustrated for not being able to romance him with a male MC - somehow, I'd rather have friendship than romance in his case. On the other hand, part of me is sad Kuro isn't an option - I adore him! Buuut... hands down, my favorite character so far has to be Tyran. My god I love him so much! He's exactly my type - personality and looks both! And now I understand why you told me he's hard to categorize haha! Well, that's fine, he's awesome as he is. I'll be definitely going for him, as far as romance goes. I actually like Killian a lot too, but he simply can't compare. And well, I like to romance only one character per playthrough, even if the game allows me to pursue various characters, so yeah - Tyran it is. 

This makes me slighly curious about how the bathhouse scene unfolds if you play as a girl, but that too, was fine the way it was. Man I love this game and this character haha! 

With that being said, I have a couple of questions too!

- How many acts total will the game have?

- And how many endings too? Are they per character, or are the character specific endings more like added to a global ending depending on how you played? Or is it something else entirely? Also, aside from bad ending/s at the end, are you planning some sudden game-overs caused by bad choices? Sorry, I'm always very curious about ending technicalities!

- Is it possible to get a good ending for the main story of the game but fail the romance I was trying to achieve?

- Will the saves I make still work in future updates? I don't mind replaying every single time, but depending on the answer I will grind more or less!

- Are the character portraits in the text box original art, or edited RPG Maker assets? The style seems like it would be the later, but I don't really recognize the specific pictures.

- And last one... Well, it's about Tyran again, and it's the most spoilery question I suppose, but so far the game didn't make it really clear and well, I guess I'd like to have a confirmation one way or another. I've been referring to him as a "he" and well, the game does so too. As far as I'm concerned, he's simply a trans boy, so that's it. But it may actually be the other way around - a "crossdressing" girl. By instinct, I'm inclined to pick the former option, but I'm not sure either, so yeah... basically how does he feel about himself in that aspect... Is it something you can tell me?

Well, I think that'll be it. Sorry for such a long post and for the amount of questions and stuff. If you'd rather not answer some of the things I asked, I'll understand, so don't worry about telling me... well, that you can't tell me!

I'll finish playing after some sleep and work!

First off, Thanks for playing the demo! As far as your save file working for the next update, it should! but i'm changing Emily drastically and adding some additional stuff to the game like 10 new perks as well as restructured dialogue and more CG art for scenes! I definitely recommend trying it out from the beginning once the next update gets released. I've also personalized the UI! Hooray! 
*excuse the big image, I'm trying to push down the reply so others won't see spoilers!*

I apologize in advanced for the lengthy reply!

I shall now try to answer all your questions!

- There's a faint square around Erika's portrait - like a border remaining from the original file or something like that.
Good catch! Thank you for that!

- As usual, a gallery wouldn't be bad either - it's nice to be able to look at the CGs anytime. Maybe even listen to the music.
For the gallery and the music stuff, it shall be implemented by next update! ^_^ thank you for suggesting. I've been meaning on working on that but I've just been too focused on the main plot line. 

- The game would benefit from an auto toggle for battles.  Also, I'd really add a text log - 
I have also tried implementing an Auto Battle system however it really messes with Kuro's reload system hence why I opted not to use it. (He keeps reloading instead of attacking T_T) Thank you for letting me know it's your desire as I believe I should find a work around on this feature instead of dumping it completely. Text log might also be a bit of a  work as the game engine functions as individual text boxes but I will see about this feature!

Bath house scene - As a girl, it plays out  a little different ^_^ you won't get the male CG art for it but don't worry, plenty of fan service art coming *especially for Killian*

How many acts total will the game have? 
There will be 6 acts as well as epilogue that varies differently based on player choices. I want the ending to be like a culmination of all the different choices you have done throughout the game as well as the relationships you've built. Unfortunately, I'm also planning on doing a singular romance option at a certain point so while you may build up romance stuff with everybody simultaneously, I do want a character specific romance ending with variations depending on the choices. *choices and consequence is a big theme in this game and it's making my life as a solo indie dev hell but it's worth it thanks to wholesome feedback from people like you!

 - Are the character portraits in the text box original art, or edited RPG Maker assets?
There are some original art I've collected through browsing the internet, Stella's faceset for example is actually the default cover girl of RPGMaker VX Ace! Icarus's Faceset is also the default hero for RPGMaker MV. They're edited but the busts I have are all commissioned work. Once I am finished with the project, I will be contacting all the artists that worked on my game and see if they'd be willing to have other people use the busts in their RPGMaker projects too! Maybe you'll see Kuro's bust in a different game by a different dev one day so keep an eye out!

- Is it possible to get a good ending for the main story of the game but fail the romance I was trying to achieve?
A goal of mine is to create a game where the endings aren't necessarily good ending or bad ending but rather subjective to what the player perceives as good. In other words, a good ending for you might be a terrible ending for someone else! :D hopefully that makes sense x( There will also be a secret ending which is more or less lighthearted.
For the romance stuff, There's multiple ways a romance can go but ultimately, it will always succeed as long as you keep at it. I do have to point out like i previously stated; late in the game, you'll be forced to commit to one partner just for ending reasons. You'd still be able to fully enjoy a big chuck of everyone else's romance paths however.

 I've been referring to him as a "he" and well, the game does so too. As far as I'm concerned, he's simply a trans boy, so that's it.
About Tyran, he's actually the character that I enjoy writing the most (Myrana and her over-the-top british accent being second) 
As far as him being treated as trans, yes, he is a full FtM but the constraints of the setting prohibit him from actually getting therapy and surgery and stuff. A big chunk of act 3 actually revolves around him so yay! stay tuned!
Some spoiler alerts here but Rebecca (thanks to the knee-to-genitals scene) and someone else in the class know Tyran's secret but choose not to question it.  The world of Aenar is pretty progressive! lol
On that note, I do wanna point out that while the game is very LGBT+, i didn't want that to be the game's defining feature. <3 

Thank you so much for playing the demo! I'm glad you enjoyed! The demo ends after the 1st romance scenes and you get a glimpse of the beginning of Act 3!

Thank you very much for all of your answers!

The thing you said about the endings that are not good or bad per se but depend on what people think makes me excited, as I'm a person who can think the "bad" endings of some games are the most beautiful things ever, and the "best" ones are awful and upsetting haha! Well, I don't always think like that, but it happened enough times already. So I'm glad it may go in that direction here too. Unexpected endings are nice.

And yeah, the fact the game is very LGBT+ but at the same time doesn't revolve about that is something I've actually noticed and appreciate. It looses it meaning if it becomes the focus for the sole purpose of showcasing it or boasting about it. You made a good job so far!

On a side note, if you're in need of some art assets at some points - like new portraits or busts for characters with a very specific look you'd have in mind or monsters or anything really, you can ask me. I can't do stuff like sprites or tilesets, but as far as regular drawing goes, I can do a lot of different stuff. Of course I don't want to impose, but I'm an artist too and I'd be glad to help if needed!

Of course! Thank you for the offer! I’m a solo dev and artists have come and gone for the project simply because I either can’t afford the prices or they have lives to live :( I’ll be keeping it mind for sure!

Yeah, I understand. Me offering means I won't make you pay, just in case you're wondering. I'm working on my own games that are in a veeery early stage, so even the publicity would be payment enough.

Also, I've finished the demo! Spotted a couple of bugs by the end so I'll just put it here.

- In the main lobby of Turtula's home, you can walk through the fountain, if you approach by certain angles.

- When talking to Lady Ira and upon reaching the choice, she says at some point in her dialogue box "Su exciting tale." - I suspect it was meant to be "Such an exciting tale." but got cropped, somehow?

- When investigating the murder room, you can "climb up" the curtains and walk on the walls and out of boundaries from there. I've noticed because the dog did so first - it was quite funny

- Aside from that, I've just realized, but neither the in-game menu nor the main menu have a close/quit game button. You can return to the main menu from the in-game menu, but that's it. And if playing in full screen (haven't even checked if you can change that), you can't even click the "close window" button. Best way seems to be alt+tab and then right clicking the game in the task bar and selecting "close the window", but yeah, not the most intuitive thing.

Okay, now I think that would REALLY be all! Well, I'll be waiting for the next update excitedly!

Hey again!

I was sketching earlier this evening and well, here you go -

Omg you’re gonna make me cryyy T_T 

This is incredible! <33333 I love it! Thank you sooo much!!!

Btw! Update coming up soon! Not much has changed but I did add the music gallery and picture gallery per your suggestion! ^_^ still working on a log but I’m not sure how that’s gonna work D; expect it April for sure! :D

Also this art is really good! Omg xD I cant believe you offered to draw me art and I almost refused cuz I’m dumb (and i’d Feel guilty if I didn’t pay) xD

Haha, thank you for your kind words! 

Aah, can't wait for the update, so excited!

Also, well, don't worry about not being able to pay, really. Not only do I love the project so it would be fun - especially since I've had a loong artblock for months and anything that inspires me is good to take - but also well, since I'm in the making of my own games but it will be the first time and stuff, having my name appear in another game before that would be a nice publicity and a matter of payment too. It's not the same as if I was offering a personnal commission for free - if that makes you feel better.

And I'm happy you like the drawing! It's very simple because my working computer is broken right now and I won't get it back before a week or two. So this is sketched and lined on paper and has a pretty basic coloring using my mouse on another computer. But I can vary my shading style pretty much so yeah.

Atm I’ve got some art stuff I’m waiting on. If you don’t mind, I’ll put your art in the pic gallery too! :)

Of course I don't mind!

I may do more later if I feel inspired