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The art is outstanding. I wish there were some gay options though :D  Like, that nauthy Carmen could convince MC to do something with Marcus.

Thanks! We decided against gay options in Sanguine Rose but in our next project it's something we'd like to include :D - Hallows


just to clarify. You didn't "decided against gay options" there's plenty of female x female. So you "decided" against male x male. Lesbian is gay too. 

And as for myself, I "decided" to go against this game since the developers have no idea what GAY means. thanks.

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Hi, Duski here, the artist and co-developer. In the adult industry and in the context of art926's comment, gay refers to m/m content. I know what gay is, I'm a pan woman, that's a big part of why there's f/f content in Sanguine Rose and why we'd like to do m/m content in our next game. We had our reasons for not including m/m content in our first project, and we're happy to discuss them.


You are seriously idiotic to decide against a game because they didn't use a word to your liking. 

"Developer does not know what gay means."

To a developer making a smut / erotic game? Mate, that's a hole in your logic there...

your loss i guess, rip.


Wolves do no concern themselves with the opinions of gay retards

They say a suckers born every minute....I wonder if the same thing could be said for a fool.