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Is the Chastity Fetish included in this game? It's seriously underrepresented.

I love how cozy this game is! Any news on when the next update is?

I am fairly certain that twenty-five to thirty dollars is a good price. If you put it on Steam at that price a great deal of people would buy it. If you go over I can see a great deal of people waiting for a sale.

I'd go with thirty to get your money's worth back from all your hard work.

You are seriously idiotic to decide against a game because they didn't use a word to your liking. 

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Which characters have the Masochism themes and are the girls or you the masochist? Also are the breast reduction themes in yet?

What kinds of fetishes are available in this game?

Where is the temple? Is it the normal temple?

How do I get the Lewd Order to appear? It says the second map but does that refer to the mossy expanse or the verdant valley?

So I just got an update telling me you guys have added the doll girl but apparently my demo ends right after the date with the rabbit girl. How do I get the updated version?

In the changelog there were two items listed as Queen (Kitty) Hiro and Mare Hiro. What do these do and how do I unlock them? Are they art or new content?

Sorry for being such a bother but it appears to have sorted itself out. The game is back in my library. I'll message you the email address later. Thank you for your support!

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This is so weird. The email is completely gone but I played the game and unlocked literally every H-Scene. I even favored Tari (the mummy girl?) in favor of Jilly. I'd rather not have to purchase it again. Is there any way we could sort this out? If I want to get the bonus scene for Jilly/Tari in Chapter 2 I'd have to buy Chapter 1 again and replay the entire thing (not as bad as it sounds ;). I'm really pressed for money right now and I'd really appreciate your help with this.

I purchased Quest Failed before but the new Itch update removed it from my library. Is there any way I could get some help with this?

The changelog said there are scenes with the goblin and Trudy. Is it the male or female? Also how do I initiate these scenes?

Secondly, when does the "spying" on the brothel take place? I can't figure out how to do it.

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Will the finished version be purchasable outside of Patreon? Maybe on Itch or something? I've been wanting to play this forever and it'd suck if my stupid card blocked me.

I succeeded on the Harpy dodge five times and she just attacked.

All right.

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So I'm just listing the following bugs so Majalis can patch them.

First things first, when scouting the Naga Lair it does not give the option to stay out of the cave. My underleveled character had two choices: Go in the cave blissfully unaware and get some intense snuggling (which was not an option because I was trying the new Ritual Impregnation which requires virginity) or scout and be forced to fight the Naga because I had no option to refuse.

Secondly I believe some sort of glitch to be present with the aggressive harpy. When I succeed on a Dexterity check to dodge the Harpy it should tire out the Harpy. However it just repeats the check and eventually she just attacks anyways.

Another thing that is more of a gameplay gripe is that the Brigand wil just grapple you and I have yet to find a way to reliably avoid it. She just grapples me and when I break out she grapples me again. I can get maybe one hit in if I'm lucky before she puts me in another hold. Because she can just repeatedly do this I never have enough stamina. I expend stamina to break the grapple but she just grapples me again at no cost to her. I feel like I should be able to change stances to dodge it but nothing seems to work.

Finally the Ritual Impregnation doesn't seem to take. It has some dialogue but the actual pregnancy never happens.

That's all I remember off the top of my head but I'll post some more later so you guys can patch it. Keep up the good work!

So Patreo won't accept my card. Do you have an alternate method of purchasing Episode 2?

Runey I have a question. You said there will not be any NTR. I noticed you can cheat on Kali with her sister though so will there be any Cuckqueaning (meaning a guy cheating on the girl as opposed to vice versa)?

Just a series of questions I had.

How many scenes with cursed armor found at outpost. I did the initial scene as a slut and virgin. Are there any where you get fucked by it?

In the changelog there was a new encounter about a futa + centaur. What are those and how do I access them?

Finally will there be any new content in the final build? Specifically regarding a female goblin or mermaid ending?

When is the next build? Need moar Ashley.


Just a minor criticism (of the constructive kind so don't worry!) I don't like how vanilla most of the H-Scenes are. Your stuff is great it's just that I think it could benefit from some more unique stuff. Maybe the priest locks you in chastity (I like that one :), or Rin blackmails you into exhibitionsist stunts. Those kinds of things.

Where is the Doppelganger located and how do I lewd them? I can't seem to find them.

Where is the Doppelganger? Is it in the Warlock Mansion or something?

Hey Runey, is there any female domination stuff? Most of the girls seem pretty submissive. I even lowered Lin's obedience to see what would happen and nothing really happened.

So it won't let me pledge. I was trying to do the $5 Pledge but it just declined my card. That sucks. Really wanted that new build.

Wait there are secret scenes in Chapter 1? Do I get Christmas snuggles with Tari?

Has this game been dropped dropped? It hasn't been updated, Boner is completely unresponsive and there asren't any external links to more regularly updated sites.

Honestly the idea of Ashley cockblocking you from having a harem and keeping you to herself is just to scrumptious to pass up in my opinion but it's your game. I just noticed a significant lack of femdom or otherwise assertive female characters. I guess Ashley is kind of assertive but only to Maria that one time.

I like.

I'd like that. I'd like that a lot.

Will there be any femdom stuff? I particularly like the idea of Ashley locking you in chastity so none of the other girls can get to you. Maybe it'll be a dream sequence. Although I imagine if the player informed Ashley of such an opportunity she'd be more than happy to indulge in it. I think how it would go down is the player would buy a cage and get Ashley to help with it and BOOM (or should I say Click ;) you've given your sex life to a teenage yandere (who totally isn't inspired by Toga from MHA).

How do I download V0.3?

Where is the new public build?

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It's fine. I'm sure everyone will be happy as long as the quality is as high as the last. I apologize for being so rude but I am deathly curious. What kind of stuff is planned for Ren? She's my new favorite. I feel like blackmail and some sadism are in store given her *accident* when interrogating and poor Matty's snog session with the queen. Any confirmation? Or does the master prefer to keep their secrets?

So essentially you wanna get people a lewd christmas gift ;)

Thank you for your hard work. I really appreciate the level of quality here. Most games of this format and setting just get it done in RPG Maker and settle for that but here you're clearly going with a less is more approach and it shows. Rather than having us explore a gigantic world when all we want is cute characters and lewd moments you give us a visual novel. Which I am most definitely not hating. Because you have funneled our route through the story as players it leaves everyone's eyes on the high quality parts and hardly anything feels tacked on or poorly explored. Keep up the good work! I will definitely buy Chapter 2 assuming what you've said about it is true.

First Tari, now Ren. Frost stop. I can't take this many waifus.