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There is a link to Kickstarter. Give them all your money!)

Reminds me the Witcher) Is any m/m content planned?

The art is very good. But I can only achive the endings when he dies, kind of sad.

The art is outstanding. I wish there were some gay options though :D  Like, that nauthy Carmen could convince MC to do something with Marcus.

No sex in the game? :(

Graphics and gay option is good. Minigames are annoying. Wish there was some bi-sex m/m/f romance too.

Is m/m planned?

Oh, I see. The message could be even more informative though - “you ran out of food. Game over”. Now I see a different bug - at some point all cards from the desk disappear. Like, I click End button and new set is empty, no matter how many turns I skip.

Why giving the choice in 3 places then, if they all lead to different bad endings? The boy just wanted to be honest to himself and everyone and wanted some fun, cannot judge him for that. In fact, this story, at least its first part, resonates with mine a lot and I liked it. But when I realized that it leads to a tradegy no matter what you choose - it made me sad and angry. It sort of depressive.

I really liked the story. But how do I get any good ending?

Looks like fun! But by reason the game resets to turn 1 randomly (or am I missing some game over condition?). I wish there was some messaging system in there, telling what's going on.

It's amazing. I usually don't like a mix of SciFi and erotic, but this one is definitely an exception. All characters are very different, but masculine and charismatic. The art is good. The story is VERY interesting. No silly cheesy drama (so far), main character is just a lonely young guy looking for a fun, but he's in a difficult situations. (I just hope the game will not force us to one-guy route). That's catchy. Also, seems like the game tries to summarize your choices and MC changes accordingly - like, you choose angry and impulsive answers, and he talks and behaves differently in all future dialogues. That's an amazing approach! Also, texts and dialogues are quite informative. No excessive unnecessary details or re-phrasing of same thing hundreds of times. I will definitely support this project

Why is it not possible to choose same-sex partners?

How to get the last Waffle picture? I've tried everything...

Are you planing to release small updates over time or the full game in a few months (years?) when it's ready?

Love it! That's how I see adult games - lots of sex and fun.

Love it! So much sex and humor!)

Btw, where did you find the sexy moans? Is there some sort of sound library for that?

Doesn't launch, I only see an empty window with name of the game.

How is it Nonlinear ?....

Same here

"I just having so much fun making it" - cool, that's the key for success - you should enjoy what you're doing! Lustbane looks fine, but very buggy currently. And broken parallax effect is really visible (at least to my eyes) - further plans must move slower than closer ones, not opposite.

What stops you from developing it further?)

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A really good one! Make a sequel with different spells, creatures and effects on the character! Also, would be nice to have some filter and allow strictly straight or gay version.

I like this game much more than  Fate of the Squire! The art could be a little bit better, though...

I'm also stuck. What word should I type? "Mario", "mario", "mushroom kingdom", etc. Nothing works...