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so, basically lgbt means “lesbian” here but not “gay”?

the game has lgbt tag, but can you actually play a male character?

why would you not translate it to English as well? It’s so simple these days with the AI stuff.

is it available in English?

Is it possible to stay male through the game?

Does it take into account choices from previous chapters, or the plot is kind of linear after all?

Pretty cool demo! I wonder what the real tension/challenge is going to be in the final story. Some mystery, thriller, sudden twist? I hope there will be some...

Use the AI translators. ChatGPT can do it very well.

Is there an actual main plot in the game? What is it about, besides the MC going to the college? Is about mafia stuff, or maybe some fantasy elements, or something else? Would be nice to know before diving in completely. Or is it just a pure simulation with tons of random events?

I was wondering.. is there a path to side with the cult from the beginning? There are sort of hints to that, but I couldn't figure out how.

Wow, that's quite a workflow! SD1.5 was the base model? What tools did you use for training? Would be cool, if you could make a whole article about that)

How did you make these more or less consistent characters in txt2img generations? Some sort of ControlNet in Stable Diffusion? Do you mind sharing details on what model you used for that?

Amazing amount of variability!

I don't understand how the last fight work, when you need to choose between Smiling, Serious and Angry options. The outcome each time seems to be random? How do I choose between those "three paths" mentioned before?

Wow, that so much fun and very clear mechanics!)

Please, make it installable in app.

Я поговорил с Yamila. Она действительно считает, что таким проектам, как ваш, лучше сделать кикстартер, если у вас есть конкретный план по финансам и срокам. Она сказала, что несмотря на то, что ее компания относительно большая, на Patreon'е у неё не особо получалось набрать какое либо существенное количество подписчиков. Так что это не особенность вас или вашего проекта, там просто реже, почему то, поддерживают игроделов в этом жанре.

у вас очень классный и перспективный проект, о нем просто еще мало кто знает. Вы запускали какие нибудь PR компании? На каких сайтах? Попробуйте попросить какой нибудь банер на Furaffinity. Или, даже, стартануть свой Kickstarter, если деньги нужны прямо сейчас. Начав Kickstarter, вы можете связаться с другими подобными успешными проектами, типа те, что делает Yamila. Она вас пропиарит через свои mail листы, у нее гигантский охват аудитории. Я был один из первых пожертвователей в ее проекты и мы немного общались через переписку, я интересовался именно экономической стороной таких проектов. У нее они все окупаются и неплохо! Так что не отчаивайтесь!

А можно узнать какие нибудь спойлеры по сюжету, что именно запланировано? Какая основная идея сюжета и возможные концовки?

Т.е. сам сюжет со всеми вариациями уже готов?  😮

А почему "под вопросом"? Слишком много арта требуется?

Редко вчитываюсь в сюжет и диалоги в подобных играх, но тут было очень интересно (играл в 0.2 для патронов). Интересно будет узнать, насколько игра интерактивна - будет ли выбор существенно влиять на события.


I think the game still ends at the first night when the MC argues with his dad. Maybe I didn't update it correctly in the app?

The amount of good quality animations is just unbelievable. I don't know any other similar projects with so good animations and models. The lighting/rendering in some early scenes could be a bit better, maybe, but in general it's pretty good too.

Would be nice, if the app was versioned somehow. Like, if we could see when we have the latest version on the title page.


I'd recommend adding actual sex scenes CGs in the game, that's usually the most fun to collect in games like this.

Amazing game!

I think it could benefit though if it was in more realistic and dramatic (or even horror) theme (sort of - a normal guy finds a magic book and does the summonings in a middle century world, so we don't need to know all the context and lore).

I wish it had more content too...

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I love style of your games and the horror elements. I wonder, though, if you're planning to add a sexual content to them as you used to have in your very first projects. I think that would add some real spice to your games and attract more attention.

I remember the original game, quite fun to play. Thanks for remaking it. Not sure though if this AI art makes sense here - there is too little of it and not explicit at all. If you decided to use the AI art, you probably could picture most of the scenes, not just a few portraits.

Please, make it installable in app.

Make it installable in app, please)

Any more info? Screenshots?


Please, make it installable in the app.

I still cannot finish him even after the latest patch. The game says he's weak and I need to use Stake, I choose that option, but the monster still attacks first. Even when he misses, nothing happens and the game says he's weak again and to use Stake.

The monster in the cellar says "Hello, come back later" - what's that about?

How do I win the last guy (who turns into a big monster)? I bless him twice and the game says he's weak enough to finish him, but when I choose that option, my MC doesn't do anything, the enemy just does his normal attack instead and kills MC.

Any updates?)

I hope there will be handsome male demons in there to interact with) (not just scary or ugly)

Pretty cool graphics and animations, but no plot or goal. Also, why pooping, wtf?...

Nice art! Really fun game with lots of choices and variations.