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but then you don鈥檛 have a challenge in the game, no bad/good balance at all. It becomes cheesy and sugary.

Wait, is the game actually finished or not? I'm confused, since you keep adding the content.

nah, just a Disney and superhero鈥檚 generation… Too naive.

A game about an evil demon, and "no bad endings"? Why?...

Thanks! Is there a way to defeat the old medusa woman?

Where can I find the red bottle?

It's not visible. Maybe it's too big for 1080 screen?

Ok, that was "window" mode in the settings (frameless I guess?), switching to fullscreen makes it look better. I think, the fullscreen and vsync should be on by default, just an advice.

The game window looks weird on my 1920x1080 monitor. Like, it's trying to look like a fullscreen app, but covers only a part of the screen (and not even centered). But I love the style of the game and humor so much! Please, keep working on it, it's quite unique project among all others (very few) in similar genre. 

"at least another month or two" - for a next version?

Nice! Can't wait to see more!

Wow, the quality is really good!

Pretty cool! I only wish the MC would look more like 20-25yo fit guy, not a 40yo daddy-bodybuilder, lol)

We need more games like this, simple enough, but with great art!

Wait, is it a full game, or you're still adding content? The versioning doesn't tell much, to be honest. You call it 1.10, means it's finished?

What does "female edition" mean? No male as the MC?

A bit too wordy, but the concept is good. Not sure if the plot actually branches, or just pretends to.

I've played it all the way from the beginning and don't regret) I think there are small corrections here and there in the old content, but nothing major.

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The game is perfect in so many ways! Ideally balanced, a lot of great art (low detailed usually, cartoonish style, but suits it perfectly). It's the only gay game I know that's cute, creepy and sexy at the same time in equal amounts)) The new update brings quite a lot of new content. I hope to see more in the future!

P.S. you should start a patreon page)

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How to equip the clothes? Like, I bought the second set for the hot temperature and I increased the temperature too, but the character still wears same things as before.

P.S. Never mind... he's wearing it, but on the last day only for some reason.

Please translate it 馃檹

Does Godot have any built-in mechanism for sending crash reports that you could use for the game?

"we don't want it to be too difficult" - why not? Give player a real challenge and reward them with the smut pictures - this always works)

I love dark fantasy erotic stories! It has some potential. But the demo is too short... I hope the full game will be long enough to open up the story. The rendered CGs (especially with the standard DAZ assets of the modern style) don't really suit the dark story like this, in my opinion. A real art or just more dramatic light, less saturated colors, would be cooler, but that's probably too much to ask... How non-linear is the story going to be? I'd like to see difficult choices, time/resource management and other elements of interactivity. Maybe even puzzles. Thanks for working on it anyways!

are you planing to translate your games? Please…

Pretty fun. I wish there was a masculine version of the MC too though.

And how do I use it?

Is there a way to fast-forward the dialogues?

I play such games usually only for the erotic/porn content. It's simple - if I want to play a deep high quality story, there are tons of games like this from AAA studios, and they are well made because they have huge resources, but they almost never show explicit content, as they try to play safe on the market. On other hand, indie games are much more free to experiment and show anything, so when I find an erotic indie game, I expect it to be as explicit as possible (like an overcompensation in contrast to the AAA studios))). If such game has a nice deep story - it's a plus, but not necessity to me. But if the game has a long deep story and only a couple of light erotic scenes... nah,...

30 fps? Why so low?

Very neat game, nicely made. I wish he would strip in front of the camera though eventually )) (sorry, too spoiled by bara games, haha)

The link to Patreon here is wrong.

I'm not into furries, but this game is amazing. Art, story, humor, implementations - everything is ingenious. Can't wait to see more!

"No sexual scenes" ? 馃槶

I noticed an issue with "better go to sleep now" option, when it often teleports you to day 22 even when you're at the day >30.

Cannot finish "Letter to T-Roy" mission, as his mailbox does not react to my clicks on it and the letter does not disappear from the inventory.

Sirius Summer communityCreated a new topic Translation?

Can you translate it to English? Pleeeease!