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Then why is it version 0.1 ? )

Why is the lust demon so limited in how to corrupt the priest? :(

The story and atmosphere is super cool! (though maybe a bit sensitive or controversal to some). The design, UI and pictures are well selected. Seems like there is an interesting mechanic behind it too (not just "corruption", but 5 different related parameters). I wonder how far our MC can fall though. Can he seduce the monks as well as nuns? Like, m/m and m/m/f actions, are they planned (optionally)? :)

How complete is the story in this version 1.0 ? Also, I see there are some nudes in the character assets, but are there any actual sexual scenes in the game?))

What type of graphics are you planing for the Unity version? If it's all 3D, are you sure it will look as pleasing, as the hand drawn 2D graphics? I saw many projects going from 2D to 3D and losing their art quality and prettiness. To make a proper 3D is really hard - you need modelers, riggers, animators, etc. Also, you would need to use all the latest shaders, GI (global illumination), reflections, etc, to make it look really good, so your programmer needs to be familiar with all of that.

Windows. Yes, I think it was fullscreen, but don't remember for sure. I faced a few issues beside that flying and stucking in the walls. I think even the simplest run through the game can reveal them easily. Please, test it a bit.

Oh my, the art looks even better than in your previous game! I usually don't like yaoi for too cartoonish or feminine look of the male characters, but this one looks great. And tentacle monster.... oh my... Cannot wait!

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The last update is pretty buggy. I was able to just drag the MC across the screen, making him flying around. Then he got stuck in a tile and I couldn't do anything. Consider adding save/load system at least, so people don't have to restart the whole game when bugs appear. 

Sometimes the mouse clicks just stop working and cannot proceed dialog.

Great art, just like in the first part! Very hot.

Thanks a lot!

Not bad! Good start.

Would be nice to have... some sounds)

The interface is very complex, but intuitive. Nicely done.

Needs more graphics (rooms on the floors have only descriptions of what's inside).

AI guy is very emotional. I don't get why in all SciFi novels, games and movies they make AI act as a cool human.

All your games are pretty cool, I must say!

Oh course you should continue! I wonder what the main mechanic and challenge are going to be

I like stories like that, very atmospheric and believalable. The art is pretty, though I'd avoid using the maximum white color as the background. On a bright monitor it looks very distractive, I often felt like I want to invert the colors))

Yeah, the quality is outstanding! The lights are correctly set, the renderer seem to do the full raytracing and for long enough to avoid any visible noise. Seems like all the pictures take about 200 MB, which is reasonable, comparing to how high def they are and how many variations you made. Did you save them all into webp in some decomposed way? Must say, you optimized it a lot and I see a hand of professional, so it stands way above of other similar projects)) You got +1 supporter)

Now I just hope the story will be interesting enough as well. Please, don't turn it into "all find out their super powers, lasers from the eyes, flying, web shooting, etc, and these colledge superheroes save the world") Tons of nsfw pics will be great though!)

"Connor is given a semester-long assignment to write all about his experiences with sex and sexuality" - um? What kind of school gives such assignments?))) The renders look very good though!

They all look too cute, not dangerous at all

What other enemies are planned?

Looks interesting! Besides hunger and thirst, I'd add something like horniness state, so they it grows over time or events and then you can use it to get a naughty scene. Then it drops, and you can't have another sex scene for some time. That would make sense.

Doesn't sound like a good solution. Just pack your game with everything what's needed to launch it.

Cool! You should mention this link on your game pages.

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Do you have a blog, discord, patreon, etc? All your games are pretty cool, the story and atmosphere-wise especially. I'd like to follow updates on your projects. Also, I have some story ideas I'd like to share.

Oh, it appears I just needed to upgrade my character's equipment more often to win that boss.

The story is good and interesting!

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Oh, and btw, even though the story and characters are interesting, the game has tons of unnecessary standard RPG Marker fights. You just run around and kill hundreds of monsters to get to a certain level. That's not cool. All these fights make me feel like I'm playng the same game in every RPG Maker. The last boss (if he's really the last one, the one with several horns) is strange. How am I supposed to fight him after he uses "Life's end" magic? I get 1hp and can't heal after that, as he acts first and always finishes me.

How can I get the second chapter? Did you start a patreon yet, or you're planning to sell it here chapter by chapter?

Kuno dissapear when waiting for you, if you go to the upper room (some forest meadow).

Losing to a slug causes an infinite loop of loses.

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What are the changes to the previous content, besided the added new one? You mentioned some "touch ups" I think on Discord. It's just - I have saves from the previous version and want to check the new content right away, but also thinking of replaying everything from the beginning to see though touch ups)

You should start Patreon or sell the Early Access type of the game on Steam. The game is very good!

"Why the MC is trying to avoid them is unclear to me, though" - well, obviously, 'cause that ends his jorney, and that's what I suggest should be changed)

Wow, pretty good start! I wish instead of so many bad endings, the game had some sort of stats or intentory system and the RPG approach, like, you'd need to deal with one monster in a certain way, then with the another, etc, and if you do it in a correct order/way or with certain items, then you proceed further. Like, for example, the MC could have a mental state, like, sanity or corruption, that would change after each interaction with the monster and you need to balance it ( with them to proceed further, but find a way to restore your stats too).

It's sad we have no option to side with the General. He sounded pretty reasonable and fun)

Ah, I see now, it's on the main square. Thanks)

Where do I find the scroll store? The wizard always seem to be either outside in the fields, or in the basement making potions.

The art is good. The animations a bit exaggerated sometimes (like, if the character is staying in a strong wind or moves restlessly). The whole "bonding" thing reminds too much of To Trust an Incubus game. I was hoping for a stronger story than that. It's an adult game, not a teen romance, after all. There needs to be a proper tension, conflict, in the story besides just "choose one of these 4 hotties, choose the right way to talk to him to find a good ending". I read a pretty good amount of gay romances recently, but most of them are so cheesy and trashy. There are only sooo few of then with a really good deep story. Try October by Michael Rowe, just to improve your tastes in the gay romance stories.

I don’t know how you came up with those 2%. Science and statistics talk about at least 4% of homosexual people and about 1/4 of potentially bisexual. And why talking about the countries, where you can get killed for it? Are they suddenly an example of good living? Are people happy in them and free to be who they want to be? They are slaves to their believes, traditions and religious dogmas. But even with all those strong tools of control over society, they are unsuccessful in economy.  So, why following their example?

Great renders, but how come still not m/m action in all your games? Would be hot if you could hunt boys and girls in this game...

Cool idea. I wish it was longer, with even more options and some erotic CGs...