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"my academic colleague" - oh really? What were you working on or studying?

Maybe try to also use some custom fight mechanics, it's always fun. Like, the good old Polymorphous Perversity (game) was all about different sort of sex made in RPG Maker.

Well.. Fear and Hunger has sort of custom fighting mechanics, though it's a horror game and that approach will not fit your game. I remember good old Polymorphous Perversity (can be found on gamejolt com). The game is full of very diverse sex scenes (the whole thing is like discovering your own sexuality), made on RPG Maker, but a very good example of custom graphics and fight mechanics.

Looks interesting! Are you making several games at the same time? You've already done a few on RPG Maker. I wish you would replace all standard assets and fight mechanics though to make it look more unique. You could re-use those in later games, but it will look authentic, yours. Take a look at Fear and Hunger, for example.

Please no furries, there are way too much of them everywhere.

Thank you, it looks better and better!

It’s Ok. You just need some spanking 😈

still, what’s stoping you from naming the file properly or give it 0.1 version number?

I would recommend to replace most standard assets with a good custom ones, that will make your game more unique.

If it's a demo, that should be mentioned in the name of the game or files or version number.

Interesting setting! The music is a little bit too crazy (in the beginning at least, I just started playing). It makes me want to dance, not read)

That's a hilarious fun game! That's what a gay game should be - lots of hot guys and action, not a f..cking drama and tears (as in most VNs). I just wish each boss there had his own sex scene as a reward for the fight. Maybe they can add it in future. Otherwise, I'm fully supporting it!

The game looks interesting, the art is good, though I wish there was more custom art than standard assets.

I wonder how explicit the game is going to be? Actual sexual scenes?

Can you play a bad guy character?

And, please, make the game installable and updatable through app.

Is VR set required? Male on male pairing?

I doesn't even launch. Empty blue window.

That's fun little game! Is it only a demo? When a full version expected? I would add a little bit on non-linearity there.... maybe...

Just started the game. Who are ĝheist monsters, there is no explanation? What does "ĝheist" mean?

Why "Eastern Shrine" located to the West?)

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What does the Woodsman's parasite do to the player? Will he turn him into the similar looking creature? Or grow character's genitals into the same parasite? Gross, but kinda hot, haha) Very twisted.

the more the better, without gender limitations)

Interesting) What 'erotic' are you planing in there?


Used the key on the mirror - got error: Unable to find file: Audio/BGM/Scene 1.  Also, why not to use newer version of RPG Maker and higher resolution?...

Looks really cool! When are you planing to finish it?

sometimes they want too much and “do” never ends.

Might be too ambitious task. Just make him a more regular guy)

The main hero looks way too girlish to my tastes. Other guys are great.

Surprisingly very high quality game! I wish though I could play a male character (incubus) instead with bi-sex options. Also, the fight field better be hexagoned then this standard 2D grid.

The game looks very promising. But the whole hyper-sized theme looks rediculous. Like, you can easily have a dick 3 times bigger than you, and it doesn't affect your moves. How is that possible? I wish it was more realistic and extreme values would be avoided or, at least, led to bad ends like in CoC.

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It looks great! Like, Coming out on top, but somehow even more mature. Many gay games are too naive or too much unnecessary drama. This one is naughy and realistic. Will the game lock us up to one guy at some point or will there be any sort of trios? Or maybe love triangles with jealousy?) 

Love it! The graphics and animation is great. Character is very handsome.

Why dogs?....

What to do with the last boss (the hand with a closed eye in it)? I can't damage it or its companions and they can barelly damage me.

Don't search for logic in there) I gave up)

Very good start! Consider compressing images to .webp (which is supported by RenPy) to make the files smaller.

There is a link to Kickstarter. Give them all your money!)