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5 new games?! Omg...


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Ok, I just started the game. Went to the shower before going to the party and that's where the first sex happened. Is that how the main character lost his virginity - in the shower?)) I'd like to see character development somehow, not just random scenes dropped at him. Some actions, like "clean your room" are repetable indefinetely and don't seem to consume time, more like a placeholders then?

well, can't use the autoupdate to begin with.

Please, make it installable in app.

Lots of great art and music. Interesting story!

How do I even get that Harden card from Tengu? When I choose the first option in dialog, I get some useless Untie card. Any other option doesn't give a card. Plus, there are very few Tengu enemies before I meet first Oni, so there is a high chance that I don't get anything from Tengu before I meet the first Oni (which I can't bypass).

How do you beat Oni ? I think I've tried all moves available to that point (3rd level, or so) and it doesn't have any weaknesses.

Glad to see more bara games in here. Hope it will get translated soon!

Can you remove the old builds from the download? It's very confusing.

Cool idea. A bit too buggy right now and animations/graphics could be better, but, hey, that's like the very first demo, not bad.

I wonder what sexy actions you are planing to add to Termina. The original F&H had quite of bit of it))

This new polished art is so good! Can't believe it's just one-person project... You are super tallented.

How many chapters this free demo has comparing to the current patron-only version? (I'm a bit confused, as the demo appears quite long as well)

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I really enjoyed Good Girl Gone Bad, didn't know you're making a new game! The art, writting and resource management is superb. I'm a bisexual, so quite like that all characters look very attractive. I wonder, if in this one we're playing a guy, can we put him in m/m situations? :)

I haven't tried the last two versions, but please, simplify the building system. There is really no need to have that many buildings, while many of them can be bundled into groups and represented as a single building + upgrades to it. It would make the list of them much shorter, as now it's too easy to get lost in it. Same for the fort upgrades - we have to repeat the same action only to get an extra slot for other building - the price for the fort upgrade could just be included into the prices of the new buildings/upgrades.


Yes, because the author said "I have future content coming with new/different protagonists, each one having their own story and theme. The storytelling for each character involves a specific subset of fetishes (including male on male, futa, bdsm and others)" in his answer to my original message. Can you read that? He clearly didn't mean he's going to turn the whole game into a gay porn or something.

Well, you're stating obvious things. No one ever said anywhere that you'll have to fuck men in the game, I don't get where you got it from.

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Why should it always be straight content vs gay? Why not to have all variations that a dev can implement and let people choose what they like in their gameplay? Cyberpunk 2077 has quite a bit of gay and lesbian content, does just the inclusion of it make you avoid the whole game?

Well... no one forces you, right?

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The ending with the escape room is a kind of stretch... I get the idea with the trap and a game, but why would the villains arrive in their revealing costumes to someone else's territory? The art is very good though...

Exactly. I realised that too and felt kind of cheated that game pushes you to romance that sweet guy no matter what.

So sad I can't romance Abzi... I secretly was hopping for a path where Adam can join the cult and become Abzi's lover)

That's amazing! Do you need a beta tester?)

So, I choose a priest named Declan, but there's no graphics representing him? Is it a bug?

"it is no longer in developement" - oh no... but why?

Oh, cool! So, there will be like a gay/bi-knight who'll be able to corrupt the male characters?) Can't wait to see it!

The atmosphere is really cool and creapy! One thing I don't understand after the introduction - where that 'urge' meter is, that shows when you can/must again? Can you any character, or only lady's ghosts? Is any m/m content planned?

It's so cool that you finally added your game here!

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Another "fair request" - please make the city map scalable properly when the game plays in the internal browser (through app, etc). Usually it appears at some big size and doesn't fit screen, really hard to navigate. Double click on it makes it even bigger, without possibility to restore the size. Also... how is it going with the Next version? It looked really exiting when you decided to switch to full 3D, but that was a while ago, and I can't find any info about the current progress...

Can't you just make it properly installable and updatable through app?

Is it a nsfw game too?)

What's the other project?)

Could you clean all these millions downloads and leave only the last version? Please)

Please, make it installable in app.

Looks interesting!

Totally agree with 'alecma' wish list. Also, would be nice if the MC was a human))

Well, but then following this logic, x - 1 = x*0 shoud not lead to x = 0.

Win 10 x64, Core i7, RTX card, 64 GB RAM. But it shouldn't really matter, it's somewhere in the way it's programmed or maybe a missing framework on my side. I open the game, I see the icons, I hover them and they are highlighted. I click on them (single click) and nothing happens, except the red turn off button in the corner. Other buttons seems to require a double click to function? Or they have a hit mask attached that's not very obvious? Or the double click need to be of a certain speed (like, not too slow and not too fast) ? 

I click on the icons and nothing happens. I have to click (or double click?) many times before it reacts. It's buggy somehow.