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Am i doing something wrong? How do you take Rastedel completely so that the dynamic duo doesn't get pissy? ALSO, is there more that can happen with Alain than the one sex scene or are there others?

You may have already answered this, but when I installed the latest version, I made sure to delete my old saved game so I could start over. Tutorial runs through, I get to where I can make conscious choices, and then it flashes forward to events I know I shouldn't be able to see yet. While her corruption is still at 10, I'll go to class and it'll flash to her dropping her pen and bending over, no panties, to pick it up. Not possible, I couldn't even leave the apartment without them, so no. What should I do to wipe it clean from my system so I can play the game properly?

heeeeeelp....i can't figure out the blasted password for the door in the sewer.

Why you might like femdom... I have an answer, but it's a highlight from past indulgences that I would even have this answer.  Men who like femdom, are seeking the escape of responsibility, of being in control, of being in power. It is about being helpless and at "her" mercy. Being used by her, even being abused by her (within limitations). It all comes down to a shift in power.  

Dominant women are sexy, smart, exciting, action takers. Being around femdoms can be intoxicating. You’re always left wanting more.

It’s hard to be a man in this world. You’re always expected to be so strong and aggressive and responsible. Sometimes it’s nice to let all that go for awhile (or a lifetime).

That’s why more and more men are entering into female-led relationships. It’s a refuge from the cut-throat competition in the working world where they can surrender to a person they trust.

I suppose that's all speculation on my part, as I haven't spoken to my Dom in about two years. He would have been better able to supply me with an answer, as he was the one who introduced me to that society. I will say this, the trust in those relationships is PHENOMENAL!

You nailed it. The guys in BL and YAOI are pretty/cute/handsome and I LOVE IT! I get googly eyes and everything~

I'm going to work backwards on your reply. Game recs...
There are NO GAMES like this one. By that, I mean the quality of art/character/personality/story and presentation. It's a 10/10. However, if you haven't played it, I do recommend "Debauchery of Caelia Kingdoms" (One of my favorite "twine" games), "Strive for Power" (which is a bit difficult at first, but as you play it you figure it out quickly) and "Ravager". "Off the Cuff" is an interesting and quick Escape/Lust game that you may find interesting. Derailing a bit, if you haven't played it yet, try playing "Persona 5 Royal" and I can walk you through that one for the absolute best "True Good Ending". It isn't anything that has to do with sex/lust but it does cover a wide variety of adult themes and trigger warnings, another 10/10.

Moving on, Andras is just totally my type. Powerful, endearing, battle strategic and cruel. The character of a warlord in the making and his hero pet being broken and his pride being devastated into lustful humiliation. What's not to love? I also couldn't explain where my love for Fujoshi and BL came from, but the guys just look totally cute together, more so than they do with the main female protagonist/antagonist.

From what I've played, there are no scenes yet that place Alexia/Andras/Draith (or any others) in a Euphoric situation that causes our War Hero to sit in pain watching pathetically (poor Rowan).

Other, I really like the crazed/cunning types too, but more for a lustful/thriller type story. Which, I've never found any. XD

I followed you~ I'm still laughing after reading how your making Rowan go cold turkey the whole game. I on the other hand am ignoring the lovely Alexia in favor of my Fujoshi passion, i.e.: Rowan/Andras I also adore the Drow Elf whom's name escapes me at the moment...... anyways, I'm not sure if I'd be of any help, seeing how my answers all change depending on my mood in the game. Message me anytime though~

Sweeeeet!!! Yeah.  I actually figured out the problem with the Bandits.  I wasn't going at night so I wasn't running into Jester. Thank you guys!

Okay, so what exactly is the Bandit Quest because I'm thinking I already did it, and if not, I don't know what it is.

Alright, I'm at a stand still. I could seriously use some help. So, after reading through nearly 1000 reviews, google and feeds, I've found myself facing a metaphorical wall. I CAN'T FIND THE ACONITUM.

I get that the "Rumors about the beast" must be done, and I spoke with all the NPCs: Bernard, Logan, Blake, Harold and Rose. (My noting this should be proof enough that I've done as such.)

Then, returning to my well guarded/equipped home, indulging in some study time, I pick up some light reading and "Learn something more about werewolves".

From digging around in my teachers research, I learn where to find Aconitum and SUPPOSEDLY the Aconitum starts to drop on the Forest Path. Now.............I either don't know where the Forest Path is, which I highly DOUBT is possible. Or...I have completely missed a step.!????

lol, it's pretty self explanatory, the quality of the game is top notch. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!! Save before making a choice and then you can go back and see what comes from different answers.


Yeah.....I- sigh....I looked at that. That was in fact the walkthrough I used. I read through the comments (and answers) before posting mine, just to make sure I covered all my basis. Oh well, if I can't get through the first part after trying for four days, I'm pretty much done, which kind of sucks...because this is the only HP Universe=centric game I've found like this., so.....maybe I'm just really stupid (likely), but I can't get past the Swimsuits. I've done all that's required for the Girls Paper's, Ginny's Diary...all of that...but for the life of me, I can not get through the swimsuits...I've looked at the Walk-through, done as it said, followed the Youtube video...seriously, I'm just at my wits end with this. Am I misunderstanding the instructions or simply incapable of following directions?? Heeeeeelp~!

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I've made it to week 250....uncovered the whole map, built up my Military Capacity to 10,000+....all of my research is complete...all of the buildings are built....and I've got 7,000+ in the treasury.....*cries*...

(talks a feeble British voice)

"Please sir, might I have a smidgen more?"

I haven't started this game, to be honest, I was looking for Twine/D&D-esque games, and I've been on kind of a roll finding them here on here's to another download and may all your days in development be filled with creative inclination. Toodles~!

They say a suckers born every minute....I wonder if the same thing could be said for a fool. 

So....I'm new to your following, but I do so greatly enjoy the Story that you are unraveling for us. I look forward to the next release. For now, I'm playing through with different answers. I will need to better support this project. Thank you for your hard work!

I have the honor to be...

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