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Please, call me Lina

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Yeah.....I- sigh....I looked at that. That was in fact the walkthrough I used. I read through the comments (and answers) before posting mine, just to make sure I covered all my basis. Oh well, if I can't get through the first part after trying for four days, I'm pretty much done, which kind of sucks...because this is the only HP Universe=centric game I've found like this., so.....maybe I'm just really stupid (likely), but I can't get past the Swimsuits. I've done all that's required for the Girls Paper's, Ginny's Diary...all of that...but for the life of me, I can not get through the swimsuits...I've looked at the Walk-through, done as it said, followed the Youtube video...seriously, I'm just at my wits end with this. Am I misunderstanding the instructions or simply incapable of following directions?? Heeeeeelp~!

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I've made it to week 250....uncovered the whole map, built up my Military Capacity to 10,000+....all of my research is complete...all of the buildings are built....and I've got 7,000+ in the treasury.....*cries*...

(talks a feeble British voice)

"Please sir, might I have a smidgen more?"

I haven't started this game, to be honest, I was looking for Twine/D&D-esque games, and I've been on kind of a roll finding them here on here's to another download and may all your days in development be filled with creative inclination. Toodles~!

They say a suckers born every minute....I wonder if the same thing could be said for a fool. 

So....I'm new to your following, but I do so greatly enjoy the Story that you are unraveling for us. I look forward to the next release. For now, I'm playing through with different answers. I will need to better support this project. Thank you for your hard work!

I have the honor to be...

Your Obedient Servant,

L. Everhart