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I still think you should have a restart battle feature, because sometimes by bad luck my troops are deployed in a bad way and from that point the battle is over if the enemy is very strong. What I do now is just close the game and load previous game.  Really you can't prevent player from doing that, so what's the point of not having the feature?

I finally found out about the aldehyde feature and got the ranged support ability. That is quite nice, but it's not very clear how to get aldehyde. It seems only to happen when your priest hits and enemy twice?

ok I see .. but you can do the same (restart battle) by retreating in the very beginning of the battle - it still costs 12 Trilium, but you will get new map generated when you travel into the battle again. We think that is should have some cost for the player to 'restart battle'.

The Aldehyde is linked to the Focus gaining - so if you Focus charges to 100% (for the Priest, or whoever has the mutator item equipped) you gain 1x Aldehyde injection. Was the battle advice about this feature not clear enough? There is also a help screen for this topic.. Let me know so we can improve it for the player :)

To tell you the truth I never really understood the focus feature. Yes, I think you could improve the help.

focus is just a 'battle resource' like health or mana. It charges when the character is doing or taking damage. When at 100%, the characters's focus ability gets available. And other abilities/traits may get available as well, if they depend on charged Focus - like the Aldehyde Injections.

Ok, that makes sense