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Mac version has now been released!

I don't know how much work would be involved. It's a long time since I used Linux . I will look into it anyway.

Finally, Google is showing a image in the featured snippet of my game. I am convinced now that the lack of the alt tag in the screenshots  is the problem.  The top banner has an alt tag with the name of the game, so that's the only thing that Google can pick up. Of course it has to crop the image, because the banner is too wide.

I investigated a bit more. I think the problem is that the screenshots have no title, alt tag and meaningless file names - that makes it very hard for google to figure out how to associate an image with the game. Also, the main image does not appear on the game page.

The bug with the two Nico's is puzzling. I can't even imagine how it can happen. Anyway, I glad you like the game

Does anyone know how to make the screen shot of your game appear in Google Featured Snippets ?

For the first version of my game it appeared, but then when I changed the screen shot it disappeared from the snippet

Well done. Yeah, the redo move comes in handy.

I am planning for the next big release to add new features to make the battles more interesting. Any ideas how to improve the game would be most welcome ;)

> main menu has new camp/load/save/quick/settings/about but i do not see exit  -

Yeah, that looks like a bug. You could try to deselect the full screen setting close the game, then select fullscreen again. That might fix the problem temporarily. Meanwhile, I will be releasing a new bug fixed version soon.

The second, problem with 2 Nicos - that should never happen! Where exactly did the second Nico come from? Is he fighting in your squad or for the enemy?

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There should be an option in the main menu "exit to windows". 

Unfortunately, if you are in a battle  the option is missing. That is a bug which I will fix in the next version (sorry)

Thanks ;)

That's great. You need to just wait till Ben Dabi attack ,or are attacked and try to join the battle. You gain reputation when help Ben Dabi win a battle - as long as there are some survivors.

Hi Alex,

Yeah, I think it's a good idea. I am planning to add a lot of new features for the battles. The next thing though will be grenades and grenade launchers.

Hi Alex,

I'm glad you like it. Yeah, there are still some bugs in the beta. I'll try and track down that one. Do you mind telling me how far you got in the game? 

Any other feedback it greatly appreciated.


Sure, I'll consider it.

Ok, that makes sense

To tell you the truth I never really understood the focus feature. Yes, I think you could improve the help.

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I still think you should have a restart battle feature, because sometimes by bad luck my troops are deployed in a bad way and from that point the battle is over if the enemy is very strong. What I do now is just close the game and load previous game.  Really you can't prevent player from doing that, so what's the point of not having the feature?

I finally found out about the aldehyde feature and got the ranged support ability. That is quite nice, but it's not very clear how to get aldehyde. It seems only to happen when your priest hits and enemy twice?

I played the closed beta and this is my feedback.

You really need a "replay battle" button. It's rather tedious having to remember to save each time and then replay entire campaign if you forget.

One feature that I liked from previous version was "ranged support", but this seems to be missing . why?

Also, a nice feature is  "shield companion", but sometimes it doesn't trigger. I don't know why.

Regarding upgrades, it'd be cool if you could upgrade abilities, so characters would maybe not have all abilities at beginning until they get experience

Right, so you have to activate it before the enemy approaches?


I'm playing the closed beta now. one thing I couldn't understand is what does "spearwall" do. the explaination doesn't make any sense

Sure, why not. 

Ok, I understand. The game is really good anyways. quite addictive. keep up the good work!

you could just disable the feature in those cases

Great game. I would suggest an "Undo move" feature. I often move a character and release afterwards that it was a mistake.

New version has been released which finally fixes the problem with Nvidia cards.

What graphics card do you have? 

I am going to release a new version next week that should fix the problem

What do you mean exactly?

What type of GPU have you got and what version of Windows?

You could try rebooting. If that doesn't work, reinstall graphics drivers.

Merc Tactics  is a squad-based tactical strategy, similar to games such as Jagged Alliance, or XCOM.

The game is in an advanced stage of development. Today we are releasing a free demo. We would like to get feedback from players here, we are especially interested in feedback about game play: if it was too hard, or too easy and any ideas to improve the game. Hopefully, you will have fun playing the game too.