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Revamped AI

A topic by Astronautz created Apr 28, 2023 Views: 170 Replies: 4
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I've been busy restructuring the AI algorithm.  The AI soldiers have three main attack strategies: standoff attack, zerg-rush attack  and flank. They also have various "tasks", such as patrol, pick up weapon, investigate noise, change weapon, etc.. 

Previously, the task would be chosen by hard-coded logic. I changed this to use a generic algorithm, which generates a score for each task based on various parameters and picks the one with the highest score. I've being testing this and I think it improves the AI hugely. Unfortunately, now the AI is much smarter and harder to beat. So, I'm going to have to either reduce the amount of enemies, or make them weaker.

You are really diligent. i really want to see you game in steam. the world need to know your name!

If you want you, I can translate to my language, Thai for free.

Let's me you if you are interesting


Thanks for the offer, however it's not quite setup for translation yet. I am planning to release on Steam when the game is 100% ready

I will wait for it. Take care