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1. Most likely the tournament system won't be ready, even in a rudimentary form.  We literally just started it a few days ago, and right now all it does is randomly generate matches between two robots.  It has a LONG way to go before we are ready to show it.  I'm hoping we can get the tournament system to a presentable state for whatever release happens after the this next one, but out of all of the key pieces of the game, the tournament system is the longest ways off.

2. I like the ideas for gameplay settings.  One of the ideas that got the axe due to time concerns, at least for now, was a user-made arena builder.  Your idea is a significantly scaled back version of this, where the existing arenas are at least somewhat tweakable.  I'm putting these ideas on our feature request list.

> Thank you for making a robot fighting game that is actually a good game. Sorry if I seem pushy at times, I am just excited about the game development. Hope to hear from you soon!

I don't know about "good".  I'm shooting for a just plain "game" at this point. :)  

Hopefully the "good" part will come after lots and lots of player feedback and refinement.  It helps to have an encouraging community though.  I'm hoping that the community will really sink its teeth into AI and component modding once the tools are available for these.  Get the word out -- the more people that know about this project, the richer the game will be!

1. That makes sense. Kind of sad it will take a while to get it computer generated, but it's always easy to just make your own on pencil & paper, so it'll be okay.

2. I saw the arena builder/editor on an older Youtube video, and it definitely didn't look user-friendly. 

Already, and especially with the new alpha build coming out soon, this is already one of the best robot combat games out there. The only other one that could be considered an equal is RA2, but you have better graphics, and graphics are everything nowadays. Also, I have been trying to spread the word, and so far I've gotten a couple of people to be interested. Keep up the good work!


How long does it take to receive a conformation email for the beta testing? I signed up 2 days ago, and haven't gotten anything back yet. Just hoping it didn't disappear. Also, is there a name that I can use for you, other than just "you"?

I just realized that I had an un-checked box for "Send a Final Welcome Email" in the signup form setting.  I just checked the box, which will only send the email for future subscribers. 

 In your case, if it gave you a web popup, you should be signed up.   

Sorry about the lack of introduction - my name is Chris.  I'm the project lead for Robot Rumble 2.  Nice to meet you!