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What an incredibly polished game!!! I genuinely love how much work was clearly put into it, do you guys plan on making a bigger future release or releasing it commercially? I'd be very interested!! Great job!!

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Thank you! We're glad that you liked it!

We're still deciding the fate that we want to give Cosplay Café as a whole. For a starter, we really love the universe that we've built so far and our mind is full of ideas for little and big things that we'd like to add to make it more expansive, but it will really depend on how the momentum around it keeps going. 

We've already considered things like going through Patreon with it, but given how this game is compared to other games of the kind, we don't know if we'd find an audience to support us. In the end, it's really up in the air. And we'll be observing how things go until we make a decision. Do let us know if you're still interested! Thank you! Cheers! 🐳


Well I'm happy to join your discord and good luck!!