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I’ve been following Team Infernus ever since you guys started making games during Ludum Dare and have been keeping up with your progression with Infernus and your other projects. 

Playing this one now, overall, I believe the project has a very cute presentation and the animations were actually pretty warming (as I’ve always thought your artworks were your strongest asset), but the weird scaling of the objects even with the re-sizable windows made it very awkward to keep the game around. 

Speaking of keeping the game around, while I do see that the goal here was to make an idle game that you could stay in your desktop, due to the nature of the game that it is, I really didn’t feel much compelled to do it. I couldn’t do very big tasks in the background and keep the game idle because I’d have to return every two minutes or so to take care of a specific need bar, but because the goal here was to do an idle game, staying around and just watching the bars go down until you can tend to the cat girl’s needs felt slightly cheerful. 

In the end, I kinda just bingewatched some stuff in the background as I got the four experience bars to get the different artworks, but it was more because I wanted to get the latter done, than bingewatch the stuff. 

While I do think that it is a nice idle game as much as I do really like your art style, I don’t really think it left me that much of an impression break-through (especially since, even though it did not affect the way I rated this one, your previous game, Horny Demons, did have quite the enjoyable depth, strategy and impression to it). Me and the rest of our team still look forward for whatever you create next, and we should be playing Camlife as soon as you give the greenlight it has been fixed. 🐳


We originally wanted the game to be fixed resolution, something small so you just have it opened while doing other things but since there was overwhelming demand we made it so you can set the window size. We did that pretty last minute so there were some scaling issues due to that.