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Does this happen when you spam the primary fire or always?

You can see this in the video 3:21 I don't spam any button and yet the ball bounces off and later you can see that I make it shrink all the way down because earlier when this happened I found out that this helps. But I've been spaming sometimes and this would also happen. For me it looks like it happens randomly. 

I can only blindly guess. This problem could happen if you have code like:

if (size+change_in_size < max_size) expand;

but the initial value is bigger than max_size - 2 * change_in_size. (because it happened with clean loaded level).

That shouldn't be the problem since I only look for the size of the x vector and that starting scale is always 1.

I think this has something to do with the deltatime not workin properly since it worked for both me and another player.

Do you know your ingame fps?

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I found the problem, it seems like the final vector value wasn't clamped. It will work like intended in the next patch.