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Game looks great, I love you art style - I think I've told you that already on one of your entries.

The idea is nice, I have a question regarding the controllers, I sent it to you on discord, so I'll await your response.

The UI at the top seems to be cut out for me, perhaps it's the webGL resolution on the site?

Anyway, that issue aside, good job!

Yeah I found the same problem The top part is covered. But I cannot re upload again when i found this problem because the system is closed. Firstly before the system is closed, I try to change the background color makes looks not clear. But it cannot solve the problem. Thirty minutes ago I try to change the default webGL resolution from 640x360(default) to 960x540. But also one top part cover my game. My teammate said some game canvas size would change a little bit when the game is compressed to WebGL.(Maybe true I am not sure). She said 1024x768 would be best choice next time. 

Thanks for your likes and recommendations~have a great weekend~