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Some feedback:

The colliders of the planets are a bit too big and they cause a lot of cheap deaths.

On the first 40 second level one of the sattelites is bugged and the model and the particle is at different places.

Then it would be nice to have some particles when you move the rocket and when you pick up the satellites and one for the death(maybe some screenshake to).

And the music has a lot of potential, but as it is now it feels a bit off(mostly the electric guitar).

The rocket and sattelites would really need some sounds.


Then some positive stuff:

I love how the planets shine and how they slowly rotate, it would be really nice if they could be a source of light so they would shine onto other objects.

Then the timer is great because it makes you fly more carelessly and it makes the game more fun overall.

The controles feel amazing and it is impossible not to try the dangerous moves when you feel like you are flying around like a maniac.

So in general i think the game is really good

Thank you so much for very detailed feedback! Good idea with putting more particles, sounds, even screen shake, I think it would make the experience better