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Is there a portable version we can download and use during internet blackouts?



I made this tool because I don't want to download any untrusted software just to view archive content.

Sorry but upload to unknown sites that you do not trust, is also not right

Before you had to download some soft to unpack the archive. Now you have an alternate. You still can use downloadable apps or use the website.

Today I also made an option to install the web app so it will act like a regular app. More info in the last dev post

Ok, thanx for reply

Itch is hardly an "unknown" or "untrusted" sight. Sure, mayby some user could put up a virus for people to download, but that has nothing to do with Dinaki putting up their own stuff. The website itself is fine.

Hello NintenHero , when I wrote "unknown" sites, I did not mean specifically Itch, but in general, downloading to any "not my" site on the Internet.


Oh, i see. I understand now.

you meant "site"