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Not Sorry!

the frozen lake is buged. the tile you spawn on is solid so you cant move anywhere, and you cant go back to the maze because you are already in the loading zone. I attempted to fix it in the editor by changing the tile in colom 6, row 15 of tileset 9 tab b. it made... just that one tile passable.  it's like the entire map is walls. i couldn't fix any more of it because most of the rest of the tiles are empty, as this game ueses parallax backrounds for its maps, so I cant find the tiles that are relavent.

the game that we are currenty having a conversation in the comment section of. you probably just saw my reply to King Sangos completely out of context wen you followed me just now, right?

If you intended to reply to sight21... you didn't.  Anyway, he probably wants to port BLANK to RPGMaker MV.

I realy shouldn't need to create a whole new topic just to make a comment, like how most other comment sections on work.

That's all.

I didn't create the game. i just knew the answer to your questions.

Its in MV too. When you download it, you get both. The mv version is in a subfolder of the VX ACE version named "Suits_Remastered".