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Will be fixed in the next update. Thanks for the info.

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Yeah, you right. I didn't think someone could use that in the final public build. I added a warning at the beginning.

Will be fixed in the next update

Check conditions.

You just need to download the mod in the game and restart the game.

Check our wiki

Chinese translation is powered by the community.

Hello. What string are you talking about exactly? Just checked translation file, looks fine.

Did you get any error message? Or traceback.txt file?

Use AltStore or TrollStore

If Hokage is Tsuande, change it to the Kakashi via cheats.
Why you can't talk with the salesman? He is ether in the Tenten shop (if she is kidnapped) or in Ichiraku at night.

In console enter

jump home.tenten_10

Maybe as a mod

It's ok. The quest should start. Check "Progress" window"

use this command"Праздник. Конец войны").start()

and then


well, if you start the patched version from the previous save, it won’t start the event. You need to start from scratch or use the console to activate the event.

HD отдельно

Spanish translation powered by the community.
We apply all changes to translation in game daily

Yes. Places names will no longer be shown:D

That bug was already reported. it will be fixed in 0.24.2. 
I'll release a patch at Sunday

That bug was already reported. it will be fixed in 0.24.2. 
I'll release a patch at Sunday

Probably our outline system is a bit outdated after the engine upgrade. I'll try to fix it in the next update

If you can download a new update then no.

1/62? Obviously a false positive.

26 Марта

March 26

There is no way to restart any quest without cheats or console

Correct. The paid Itch version will be updated simultaneously with the public release

Hello. You can try this command in console:

jump rndEvent_rapist_3_good

I've uploaded a new version that fixes the first problem with saving.

I'll look into the second problem when I have more time.

about 2 hours to complete

The game is in development. There will be more updates with new content.

Early access next week. Public release within 3 weeks

0 chances. Copyright

Send traceback.txt or log.txt (or both)

These mods will be included in the next update of the Itch version.