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I do think that this worked as the "experimental" experience that you were trying to make! I did felt like I was trying to catch people's eye at a bar to spark a conversation. That fits the theme pretty well. But you need to spend more time on usability and feedback, even in an "experimental" game! I shouldn't need to read the instructions to see that I need to right-click and drag. Also, the transition to the win state was confusing. It just faded to black -- was that because I made contact with the right person? I don't think the person was looking at me. In any case, I think that this was successful as you billed it as trying to replicate an experience.

Thank you so much for your feedback!

I'd have liked to hide the mouse (that's the reason why it's not clear you only need to drag), but it's my first time using Unity for WebGL and it's such a nightmare 😅

I'll try to find a solution for the lack of visual feedback you mention ;)