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It's a fun style and gameplay! You seem like a real big fan! (Actually I know it, you told me on Twitter)

Although I never watched the show I liked the atmosphere in the game. And the music was quite fitting. Is Mork ... ehm I mean FORK, the same guy that was played by Robin Williams? Anyway, it's hard to catch Rick. But I will try again and use the tips you gave Peregrin =)


thanks :-) happy you've been able to try it

And - yes - this Happy Days episode was the first time Mork was shown on screen - Robin Williams was more or less a last second random choice because the designed actor refuse to do that part. He was *brilliant* everybody loved him and everybody praised him - and few days after he was contacted for the first time by a big name for acting (and then he was proposed to do a his own spin-off series called Mork and Mindy). That's more or less the history behind.