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Jobs doesn't normally email out about jams, so we were very lucky to get an email sent out. itch do their very best to help out - really it's my responsibility to make sure everyone knows about the jam! :)

Where do you usually find out about jams? Twitter? Reddit? I need to know where's good to post about them!

Email is good! Try the Game maker community, I've heard they like jam


Normally we wouldn't have access to's awesome mailing list, but we'll try contacting tool communities like Game Maker directly next year. Thanks, and I'm enjoying your car generator gifs! :)

Hey! Thanks! :333

I'm not sure how Itch selects which emails I receive but I've received a few and they've all been of interest to me, so perhaps there's some sort of heuristic to it? I follow Itch on Twitter so maybe tweeting a link to the community early and tagging Itch will get a retweet?

Other than that, I'm honestly not sure how it'd get to me without Itch's input

Thanks for this feedback. itch invited us to use their mailing list, it doesn't happen normally, but we're glad they did. Maybe we'll ask nicely again next year! We do get RT'd by itch but I think people might not catch it if it gets buried. I guess the aim is just to keep tweeting, keep pushing, and grow a bit each year :)