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This is amazing, thanks for sharing the method!

Followed! You're already following me, apparently!

This is so nice! The sounds are amazing, and it feels very smooth. However the inability to jump is a bit jarring, and also means you can get trapped very easily.

I found some magic grass:

Why is the file so big o.o

I like the colors!!

This is awesome! Make more, make more! I found a bunch of weapons, apparently bigger isn't better. Nice touch with the hair flowing behind!

Very nice! Would be really cool if they grew :o

Nice island generation! Controls are a bit weird though

Failed to open :(

1198m before I got impatient with the respawn timer (please make that shorter).

You can spam the create button on the loading screen, and... well... you can guess what happens

Can't open it, it just says "acre5 has stopped working" (5, not 6)


Where is the download?

Very nice! But the whole 'walking through an exhibition' thing feels a bit clunky, not to mention it sends every fan on my computer to the highest speed.

Plot twist, this isn't a prank

Incredibly buggy, but really awesome!

It says "generating" with trees flickering past at light speed, then I clicked and got a blank yellow screen.

So when is the vote?

Late submission link

(check out this neat hack wow)

Well, you've got the ant exploring movement looking good, but ants don't go straight back to the nest. It's actually really interesting how the pheromone trail works:

  1. Helps a species by killing all nearby species
  2. Species loses faith in me
  3. Kills every single one of them slowly
Cool game, no idea what's going on

Hey! Thanks! :333

Thank you!

Oh ok, nice! It sounds great!

Email is good! Try the Game maker community, I've heard they like jam

And are the synths part of a library, or did you make them?

I agree, the emails should be sent out sooner! Although as it happens, the timing is perfect for me. Probably won't be next time though!

I mean the hashtag is pretty barren. Do we post them here, or is there maybe like a portfolio section somewhere?

I only found out about this jam because of the email which came through a few hours ago! It's the first I've heard of it

What software are you using?