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Late Submissions: How To Sticky

A topic by Cut Garnet Games created Nov 12, 2016 Views: 623 Replies: 4
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Hey everyone,

We're in the final 'official' weekend of jamming, with PROCJAM ending on Sunday at midnight in your local timezone. However, the nine days of PROCJAM are really just a focal point for the community to come together and do something, so PROCJAM allows late submissions at any point until the next PROCJAM officially starts in 2017. We're serious! If you started something but can't work on it again until Christmas, finish it then and let us know. If you come back to something in March next year and want to submit it after all, that's okay! Here's how late submission works:

  1. Submit your game to as a normal submission.
  2. Tweet @mtrc or email cutgarnet -at- gmail -dot- com, asking for a late submission link, and include a link to your page.
  3. We'll reply with a late submission link you can click to join the jam.
That's it! The only downside to submitting late is that Jupiter Hadley will be making her 2016 PROCJAM roundup sometime in the next month or two, so if you submit after that you won't be included in it. But your entry will still go down in history as part of the jam, and you'll be in the records forever! :)

Good luck with this last weekend. Remember to get some fresh air, maybe buy a mince pie if it's Christmassy in your country right now, and thank you so much for entering. You're all wonderful.


I felt like I had to ask for one, but I got it done in the nick of time!


Late submission link

(check out this neat hack wow)


Hah, nice!

So when is the vote?