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It may be hard to recreate but if the ball is in certain position it wont come in the rest like in this picture

PS:still waiting

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I made one hole, and tried for the second, at the left of the image here. Then the ball got "stuck" when I overshot the hole at the left, ball rolled down to where it looks like it is resting in this pic, but I couldn't take another shot. (I haven't tried the Windows download yet so it may just be a WebGL thing.)

Cool idea for a game though! :-)

Oh dear, that really is buggy. I need to adjust the thresholds for detecting the ball being at rest (needs to be within a certain distance for a split second) Thanks for play(testing) it, do let me know if the window build works better as that might be a WebGL thing.

I wasn't able to reproduce the bug when I tried the Windows version. I'm not sure if I just didn't play it enough, or if it really is just a problem with WebGL. It happened right away on the web though, so it sure seems like a WebGL thing. For what it's worth. I was using Chrome (Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)) on Windows when I encountered that bug.

Also, on a more subjective level (in terms of gameplay) I felt the length you could pull back from the ball felt either too short, or not sensitive enough. This was true on both versions. It was nearly impossible to get up some really steep hills. I understand it might kind of be the point, but I was kind of wishing it was more sensitive and I could accidentally overshoot more often, rather than struggling so much to get it up the steep hills. Might be worth considering balancing that better.

I just playtested the WebGL and found myself stuck in the ditch, haha. 

I'll need to patch this after the jam evaluation is over.

I think you need to set a deadzone for velocity/momentum to prevent the ball from going into perpetual oscillation. (I think it's this oscillation that's causing the problem)