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hit enter 

is title a falcom reference?

I hoppe it will become full game eventually.

Thats fucking hard 

Would be nice if you would update it 

Your games are like repeated joke its fun for the first time but not so much third or fourth. I think reusing scripts might be a problem, your style may be fun to make but not that much fun to play. I expected some fighting game but it was more of a one screen platformer, with reused scripts. Its assetflip for me. 

Are you reusing your move script? I dont think all of your games need to have the double jump xD

thanks for feedback, we know what we did wrong, will try to fix that in the next game/update (the solution for this problem is most likely to make dash immune time last a little longer changing the view is not a real solution) by making game with better learning curve.

(1 edit)

It may be hard to recreate but if the ball is in certain position it wont come in the rest like in this picture

PS:still waiting

there is problem in ball coming into the rest, somehow it takes long time/cant be in rest. Idk how I ran into this bug.

Pls fix golf ball so I can hit it. But it is nice game graphics wise.

nice game but I didn't like the puzzles, you could just place the enemies there instead of making some archaic puzzle(pushing block).

It's something like metroidvania, you need to explore possible ways to progress. 8-bit inspired doesn't mean going right all the time :D

Its boring and not fun, actually your other games are more fun, I suggest to swap camera to orth view and use cinemachine 2D camera. I dont think you need to use moving platforms if you cant implement them well. I also see no progress in player movement abilities in your games. 

But at least you finished the game and I guess you should be proud of it(in some way) but make some progress pls(I suggest you watching Brackeys as they have good tutorials in 2D platforming and mark brown to know how other games handle level design)

Not even talking about design of the game, its more of linear platformer than metroidvania.

music was made in hurry and it will be redone in future builds. 

I guess it depends on how much time will you spend playing the game.

its all about learning curve and getting well w/ game.

easy game for babies, try doing some better gameplay. But  sound and graphics were just right.

GJ, had fun.

nice graphics 

thanks for feedback, we will test faster speed of normal mode.

We will try to correct  it in next update

the controll could be better and game is empty for me in some ways, controlls in tge game nice idea but not well implemented.Had some problem with jumping and all this stuff.

nice graphics, terrible gameplay